Did the Japan Quake Stop More Nuclear Plants from Being Built?

It's highly unlikely that you're going to see any new nuclear power plants built any time in the future, given the now worsening situation at Fukushima. But knee-jerk reactions to the accident are not what's really to blame for the inevitable decline in nuclear production. Even before this month's nuclear disaster in… »3/26/11 10:00am3/26/11 10:00am

Japan's Nuclear Problem Explained in an Easy to Understand Video

The Japanese Nuclear situation at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is ongoing and ever-changing but if you were curious at how and what happened to cause such problems, this NHK video serves as a great explainer (it's easy to understand, too). The video details the three safety precautions created to cool the nuclear… »3/16/11 12:40pm3/16/11 12:40pm