One of the most amazing nuclear explosions ever recorded on film

As things get hotter between Russia and NATO, Putin is waving his nuclear dick around. Russia plans to conduct massive nuclear war maneuvers. Yesterday it successfully tested its new Bulava ("Mace") submarine launched nuclear missile, hitting its target with complete accuracy with its dummy warheads. »9/11/14 7:56am9/11/14 7:56am

This is Russia's new nuclear attack submarine

Behold the Severodvinskthe pride of the Russian Navy, the first of the post-Soviet era Yasen-class submarines. It entered service at the end of December 2013 and it will replace the old Akula-class and Alfa-class subs. But unlike those warships, and thanks to a new cruise missile, the Severodvinsk has strategic and… »1/22/14 7:36am1/22/14 7:36am

Reagan-Era Futurists Thought Iran Would Get Nukes by 2020

Will Iran obtain a nuclear weapon? That's the hot-button question for the U.S. government as the United Nations General Assembly meets in New York this week. No one knows for sure, (except maybe Space Cat). But if you asked American futurists of the early 1980s, they'd probably tell you that it's bound to happen by… »9/25/13 2:25pm9/25/13 2:25pm

New Google Earth Hack Lets You Nuke Any City in Devastating 3D

A perverse fascination with nuclear fallout and blast radii isn't that weird. Don't you want to know how hard you and everything you know is going to disappear from the face of the Earth in the unlikely case that some maniac drops twenty kilotons of atomic death on your front door? Now you can see a simulation of the… »7/22/13 9:57am7/22/13 9:57am

That Time American School Kids Were Given Dog Tags Because Nukes

In the early 1950s cities across the U.S. spent hundreds of thousands of dollars outfitting their children with military-style dog tags. Why were we giving kids something that's usually reserved for people at risk of dying horrifically in the line of duty? Because in the era of duck and cover, kids were on the front… »5/20/13 4:33pm5/20/13 4:33pm

Pentagon Retrofits Minuteman III ICBM Silos with B-Plug Kits

If you thought the good old days of living under the threat of global thermonuclear war were over, think again, because the US military keeps shining those Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles just in case the new and coming Chinese aircraft carrier battle groups get funny over the Pacific Ocean. But fear not, because… »10/20/08 6:00pm10/20/08 6:00pm

Germany Titanic Doomsday Bunker Is Groovy, Surprisingly Not Full of Nazis

Here's where the West German political elite was planning to spend nuclear winter, drinking Martinis and having toga parties after armageddon, waiting to see who emerged victorious from a worldwide thermonuclear war: a gigantic nuclear bunker with 17 kilometers of tunnels equipped with all kinds of commodities.

»3/20/08 9:20am3/20/08 9:20am