Old Printers, Scanners and Hard Drives Used to Perform Radiohead's 'Nude'

Most people just create amusing videos to fit their favorite songs, but James Houston went one step further and synchronized a bunch of obsolete gadget noises to recreate Radiohead's "Nude." A Sinclair ZX Spectrum 8-bit PC was used for rhythm and lead guitars, an HP Scanjet 3c was used for bass guitar, an Epson LX-81… »6/05/08 7:10pm6/05/08 7:10pm

Sprint Phones Now Come With Nude Photos of Employees (Free!)

Daryl J. Roy isn't your average Sprint sales drone. Service doesn't stop just because you've got the receipt and walked out the door. Have you ever checked out Sprint's picture mail? He wanted to make sure Nicole McElveen did after she purchased some new phones from him. So he sent her a few picture messages, even… »4/25/08 7:30pm4/25/08 7:30pm

Transformer Dresses Should Be Mandatory for all Hawt Chicks (NSFW)

We've featured avant-garde Brit designer Hussein Chalayan before, but this time he's really outdone himself with Transformer-style clothing. Either it's magic, or there's an invisible perv lifting these ladies' hemlines &mdash in the case of the last girl, he lifts them so high that her dress disappears into her hat… »9/20/07 6:22am9/20/07 6:22am