This Tiny Amp Gets Big Sound Out of Your Smartphone

If you've dropped a small fortune on a large pair of thumping headphones to replace the wimpy earbuds that came with your smartphone, you might not be getting all the sound you paid for. The headphone jack on most mobile devices is fine for powering smaller cans, but they usually lack the oomph needed to fully power… » 5/22/13 10:40am 5/22/13 10:40am

NuForce HP-800 Headphones Could Rule Your Desk for Not a Lot of Cash

The world really needs more desk-class headphones. By that we mean, high-quality, over-ear cans for blocking out the jerk in the next cubicle that don't cost upwards of $300. We've got real high hopes that for $150, these new headphones from NuForce might just hit that nine-to-five sweet spot. » 12/12/12 7:40pm 12/12/12 7:40pm

NuForce's Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers Could Be the Best Wireless Speakers Yet

NuForce makes fantastic audio products; ones typically targeted at the mid-range audiophile. Their latest offering, a pair of Bluetooth speakers, uses the latest and greatest compression technologies, which they say will deliver top notch wireless sound .Can these new bookshelf speakers appeal to discerning ears? » 10/16/12 2:50pm 10/16/12 2:50pm

NuForce Cube Speaker: Jack of Many Trades, Master of None

Fitting quality audio components into slim laptops and tiny smartphones takes nothing short of a herculean effort, and as a result, is something often overlooked by hardware manufacturers. Realizing this, NuForce has spent the last year developing a line of products meant to enhance the tech we use daily, geared… » 5/29/12 9:00am 5/29/12 9:00am

Stream High Quality Audio on the Cheap With NuForce's Air DAC

Most people aren't opposed to audio that sounds good, but gear can get expensive. When you move into streaming audio, you might as well think about pulling out a second mortgage. But NuForce thinks their Air DAC can bridge the gap between performance and price. » 2/23/12 3:20pm 2/23/12 3:20pm

NuForce Dia Makes Sure Your Wirelessly Streamed Audio Doesn't Suck

Wirelessly streaming music around your house is great, but for audiophiles, the middling audio components in wireless devices are a drag. But if those devices output a digital signal, you can bypass those components and let a device like NuForce's Dia handle the audio processing. » 11/10/11 9:52am 11/10/11 9:52am

The Icon iDo Is an Audiophile-Grade Amp for the iPhone and iPad

If you want better audio quality from your iPhone or iPad, the Icon iDo is an amp that's supposed to pump out audiophile-grade sound. Just plug in your iOS device to the amp, plug the amp into your stereo system and enjoy the sweet sing songs of tunes. » 9/08/11 9:00am 9/08/11 9:00am