Next Version of Installer.app For iPhone 2.0 Software Looks Like It's Getting Close

These screens were released today by the developers of Installer.app showing Installer 4, the next version that will work with jailbroken iPhones running firmware 2.0. By the slick looks of it, it looks like they're getting close. When it's done, it will be multi-threaded (meaning everything doesn't come to a halt… » 7/24/08 7:07pm 7/24/08 7:07pm

Stream DivX/XviD to Xbox 360 From Your Mac

Remember Connect360, the app that let you stream music and video from your Mac to your Xbox 360? It's just been updated to support XviD and DivX functionality to match the fall upgrade you installed earlier this week. It still costs $20 if you haven't purchased it before, but you can try it for free to see if it works… » 12/06/07 1:30pm 12/06/07 1:30pm