In Love With the DJ: IDJ2 iPod Mixer and VCI-100 MIDI Interface

Judging by some of my previous posts, I know more than a few of you are into that whole dance music/club scene. So when one of the guys from Beatport writes in and tells me that he sat down with two as yet unmentioned DJ decks, I admit, there was a little bit of a rise. The Numark IDJ2 iPod mixer (pictured here) is… »1/22/07 2:50pm1/22/07 2:50pm

Rumor: Ion Audio iProjector to be World's First iPod Dock and Front DLP?

Here's an interesting concept that we hope sees the light of day: take a low end projector and put an ipod dock on it so you can watch your 5G's videos on the wall. The iProjector, which gets minus points for its unoriginal name, comes from Ion Audio, a subdivision of turntable and audio equipment maker Numark. Ion is… »12/11/06 3:33pm12/11/06 3:33pm