Nyko Wired Wii Accessories to Run Half Price

Nyko has just announced wired versions of their Wing (classic controller) and Kama (nunchuk). And while the previously announced wireless versions may be more technically impressive, these models are recession-friendly. » 12/16/08 6:00pm 12/16/08 6:00pm

Wii Multi-Player Controller Set Costs More than the Sum of its Parts

With little fanfare and no press release, a new Nintendo Wii Multi-Player Controller Set has appeared on at least one Target store shelf. Priced at $74.99, the set includes a Wiimote, Nunchuk and Wii Wheel. So how much money are you saving by buying your controllers in bulk? Errr...none actually.As one GoNintendo… » 11/11/08 7:20pm 11/11/08 7:20pm

In2Games Gametrak Freedom Motion Controller for PS3 and 360 Pics…

Purveyors of fine gaming peripherals » 9/16/08 9:30am 9/16/08 9:30am In2Games have let slip the first image of their planned Wii nunchuk-like controller that will allow for motion control on the PS3 and Xbox 360. They appear to be claiming control via "proprietary and cutting-edge patent-pending ultrasonic technology"-no mention of accelerometers or…

Wii Nunchuk Hacked for 3D Animation

We've seem more than our fair share of fascinating Wiimote mods, but few involve the Wiimote's faithful, platonic sidekick, the Nunchuk. So one modder took the Nunchuk, hooked it up to his computer, converted the MIDI signal and piped the information into 3D Studio Max. The result is realtime, 3D motion capture of… » 7/08/08 5:00pm 7/08/08 5:00pm

Nyko's Kama Wireless Nunchuk On Sale in Limited Quantities Now

Nyko's Kama wireless Wii Nunchuk (no, not the adapter) is going on sale now, online, before the official retail launch in May. If you buy now, you'll have a chance to get one of the limited edition grey, black, pink or gold units that sync wirelessly to your Wiimote adapter. The limited edition won't be available in… » 4/22/08 9:00pm 4/22/08 9:00pm

Nyko Wireless Nunchuk Adapter Sucks Class From Wiis and Ninjas

Nyko's replacement wireless nunchuk controller may have raised the question, "do we really need a wireless nunchuk?" But their new wireless nunchuk adapter, a peripheral that uses the same Wiimote wireless nunchuk transmitter plug-in and replaces Nyko's sleek wireless nunchuk with your old, crappy wired nunchuk but using … » 1/30/08 9:04am 1/30/08 9:04am