Next-Generation Nvidia Ion Is a Dedicated GPU That Powers Up Netbooks…

Netbook graphics are inherently weak, especially with Intel's much-derided integrated graphics. But the new Nvidia Ion—like its predecessor—lets even a wimpy netbook Hulk out to play DX10 games and 1080p videos. The difference? It's a discrete graphics chip. » 3/02/10 12:00am 3/02/10 12:00am

Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: Happy Birthday Photoshop Edition

In today's Remainders: a celebration. Photoshop turns 20 and reminds us why we love it with laser-eyed babies and an Earth with AT-ATs. We've also got possible iPad preorders, definite MobileMe and Chromium OS improvements, PMA bummers and more. » 2/19/10 6:59pm 2/19/10 6:59pm

Next-Gen Nvidia Ion Is Pine-Trail-Compatible, Promises Better…

Intel's Pine Trail Atom chips are pretty disappointing in the power department, so it's good to see Nvidia step up with a new, Pine-Trail-compatible line of Ion chips. If you want to watch HD YouTube on a netbook, read on. » 12/22/09 11:20pm 12/22/09 11:20pm

Acer AspireRevo Upgraded: Windows 7, Ion Graphics, Dual-Core Atom CPU

Acer's funky book-sized AspireRevo nettop just got a little better…and a touch pricier. This R3610-U9012 model has Windows 7, a dual-core Atom 330 processor, double the RAM (2GB), and full Ion graphics. It also keeps support for 1080p HDMI output. » 10/16/09 7:39am 10/16/09 7:39am

Windows 7 Launch Could Coincide With New Features In HP Mini 311 Line

Crazy parties aren't the only things set to arrive with Windows 7. The HP Mini 311, a respectable little 1080p-pumping machine in its own right, could possibly get a slight upgrade around the same time the OS arrives. Updated. » 10/11/09 4:30pm 10/11/09 4:30pm

Flash 10.1: Full Flash for Everyone But iPhone, Actually Playable HD…

A ton of good news about Adobe Flash 10.1: Full Flash is coming to Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, WebOS and Windows Mobile. and it'll be actually GPU accelerated, meaning you can play back YouTube in HD perfectly. But the bad news? » 10/05/09 12:01am 10/05/09 12:01am

Asus EeeBox EB1501 Nettop: DVD Slot Drive, Ion Graphics, and 1080p HDMI

Wow, this could be my fallback plan for a lightweight entertainment PC if the Eee Keyboard ends up sucking. The EB1501 is the first EeeBox with an optical drive, Windows 7, and a classy new design. » 10/02/09 7:16am 10/02/09 7:16am

HP Mini 311 Comes Original With Nvidia Ion Transistor Graphics Powah…

This might just be the netbook we've been waiting for: An Nvidia Ion-powered HP Mini with an 11-inch, 1366x768 display for 400 bucks. And you can actually buy it soon! September 23. Did I mention it plays 1080p video awesomely? » 9/15/09 12:01am 9/15/09 12:01am

Nvidia Ion Lenovo IdeaPad S12 Pushed Off Until Windows 7 Launch

It has been months since Lenovo announced that its IdeaPad S12 would be the first netbook (or borderline notebook) with Nvidia's Ion, but it has since been MIA. Lenovo says, the system will now ship during the Windows 7 timeframe. » 8/20/09 5:20pm 8/20/09 5:20pm

Nvidia Ion-Powered Cheap PCs Arrive En Masse

Lenovo and Acer were the first, but now they're not the only ones with cheap computers powered by Nvidia's Ion platform—GeForce 9400M graphics paired with an Intel Atom CPU. Besides Asus's eeetop here, there's 20 others, though you won't find the likes of Dell or HP here: » 6/01/09 11:30pm 6/01/09 11:30pm

Lenovo S12 Is the First Netbook With Nvidia Ion, Costs Under $500

With the IdeaPad S12, Lenovo, as rumored, is first out of the gates with a netbook based on Nvidia's Ion chipset, and it's a hell of a promising start: this 12-inch netbook promises the whole HD-playing, game-conquering Ion experience for around $500. » 5/25/09 6:31am 5/25/09 6:31am

Acer Revo and Nvidia Ion Hands On: Flawless Blu-ray Playback Changes…

Acer's Revo, a tiny desktop that'll be "well under" $500, is the first computer with Nvidia's Ion netbook platform. Why care? Because it's got a crappy Intel Atom processor and plays HD Blu-ray movies flawlessly. » 4/08/09 9:00pm 4/08/09 9:00pm

Lenovo First to Pack Nvidia Ion HD Graphics Into Netbooks

We're gonna see Nvidia's Ion platform in dirt-cheap desktops first, but Taiwan rag Commercial Times says Lenovo looks like the first to put it in netbooks, starting with 11.6 and 12.1-inch IdeaPads. [Digitimes via Electronista] » 2/18/09 9:10am 2/18/09 9:10am

Nvidia Ion Supercharges Netbooks With 5X Faster Graphics and Full HD…

Netbooks are pathetically weak machines. So Nvidia is infusing Intel's Atom with its GeForce 9400M to make netbooks suck less. Or at the very least, let you play Call of Duty 4. On a netbook. » 12/17/08 9:00am 12/17/08 9:00am