PlayStation Suite to Be Available On Tegra-Based Android Devices

Sony will be bringing their PlayStation Suite to Tegra-based Android devices in the future, and will even be certifying hardware manufacturers for support and to deliver a "PlayStation quality experience." Now you won't need a Sony Ericsson phone to enjoy PlayStation games. [AndroidAndMe via Engadget via BGR] » 3/11/11 9:05pm 3/11/11 9:05pm

Glasses-Less 3D UI for Android Heading to Tegra Smartphones and Tablets

It's difficult to gauge the full power of the autostereoscopic 3D from a video, but, as with Sharp's parallax barrier technology, you can see how Scaleform's glasses-less 3D works. The video presenter's "ooh! ahh!"-ing just endorses it even more. » 9/23/10 4:00am 9/23/10 4:00am

Toshiba AC100 Netbook Runs Android and Has Massive Seven Days of…

Finishing off the hat-trick of laptops, Toshiba's AC100 is their first machine to run on Android, and is shaping up to be a very tidy netbook with up to eight hours of battery, or up to SEVEN DAYS' standby life. » 6/21/10 2:33am 6/21/10 2:33am

Microsoft Turtle and Pure Dumbphones Run on Silverlight, Powered by…

With Windows Phone 7 out, everyone has forgotten about the other Microsoft handsets, the allegedly Sidekick-derived Turtle and Pure cellphones. Someone got a peek into the firmware, which confirms some of the rumors about these "not-so-dumb cellphones". » 2/16/10 10:54am 2/16/10 10:54am

Hands On With Nvidia's 7-inch Tegra Android Tablet

This won't be officially "announced" until tomorrow, so there's no name or anything to it, but we just played around with Nvidia's 7-inch Tegra tablet design that runs Android. » 1/06/10 10:30pm 1/06/10 10:30pm

Next Nintendo DS Might Get a Huge Speed Boost from Tegra

The Nintendo DS is great, but seriously underpowered. That could change in the next version, though, thanks to a little help from the same processor that drives the Zune HD. » 10/13/09 8:24pm 10/13/09 8:24pm

Samsung M1 Media Player Confirmed, May Use Nvidia Tegra

Samsung Korea has teaser up for its YP-M1 media player (pictured to the right of the pink R1). Notably, the site mentions an Nvidia chipset…could it be Tegra? That would match recent reports, and make the M1 a worthy successor to the P3. » 8/04/09 3:00am 8/04/09 3:00am

Samsung Confirms It's Building an Nvidia Tegra Powered Something for…

Is it a smartphone? A media player? Will it run Android? Windows Mobile? How much will it cost? When can we get one? Don't know! Just that it's happening, meaning something that fits in your pocket that can output 1080p video. [Laptop] » 7/24/09 1:59pm 7/24/09 1:59pm

Confirmed: Zune HD Rocks the Nvidia Tegra

We were pretty confident before, but now we've got it straight from the horse's podcast: The Zune HD will indeed pack the Nvidia Tegra chip, which should give it better battery life and enviable video acceleration. [ZuneInsider] » 6/20/09 5:15pm 6/20/09 5:15pm

Zune HD Packs Nvidia Tegra: Better Video and Better Battery Life

If you were wondering how the Zune HD could pack in such iPod touch-beating smoothness into such a small size, we might have an answer for you: It's packing Nvidia's teeny, high-performance Tegra processor. » 6/17/09 1:30am 6/17/09 1:30am

Mobile Chipsets: WTF Are Atom, Tegra and Snapdragon?

Low-power processors aren't just for netbooks: These computers-on-a-chip are going to be powering our smartphones and other diminutive gadgets in the forseeable future. So what's the difference between the Atoms, Snapdragons and Tegras of the world? » 6/03/09 2:20pm 6/03/09 2:20pm

Mobinnova élan Netbook: An Early, Promising Taste of Tegra

Mobinnova's élan is the first of Nvidia's dirty dozen to show its face, and it's a pretty one: a nine-inch, sub-two-pound fanless netbook that measures in at about .8-inches thick, and boasts the full battery of Nvidia's exciting Tegra features. » 6/02/09 5:56am 6/02/09 5:56am

Nvidia Announces 12 Tegra Products You'll Probably Never See, Tweaks…

Nvidia is using Computex to herald the arrival of their system-on-a-chip Tegra platform, but it's not the most explosive debut. They've announced 12 netbook and tablet products from relative unknowns, and bizarrely altered their claims about the platform's capabilities. » 6/02/09 4:14am 6/02/09 4:14am