NXT Light Shave Gel Makes Beards Shine Like the Sun

For the past several years, the world of shaving tech has been caught in a stalemate. Gillette may add one blade to their razor, but Schick just fires back with two. But now we have something else to look forward to every morning: glowy shaving gel. NXT Light Shave Gel apparently illuminates your face through… » 6/04/08 12:40pm 6/04/08 12:40pm

Surfacesound Compact Saves You Cost of a Ticket

The SurfaceSound Compact may be simply another bluetooth car speakerphone on paper, but its interface and design has definitely grabbed our attention. The visor-mounted SurfaceSound connects to your phone after the microphone is pulled down into position. This simple, tactile method of activation is superior to the… » 1/27/08 12:00pm 1/27/08 12:00pm

Do-It-Yourself Roboflush Made of LEGO NXT Mindstorms

Why spend a cool $1000 or more on a touchless toilet when you can make a Roboflush mechanism yourself with a bit of programming and LEGO NXT Mindstorms? The ultrasonic sensor discovers your presence, and as soon as you're done and gone, it sends the signal to the NXT unit which croaks out a strained "thank you" (some… » 9/28/07 10:48am 9/28/07 10:48am

Altec Lansing's Powered Theater is First Foray into Home Theater

Altec Lansing enters the home theater market for the first time with its Powered Theater line, shipping in August. Designed to be big on sound and small on space, Powered Theater comes in two flavors: the advanced two-piece PT8051 or the bigger, single-piece PT7031. Thanks to their slim forms, the units should… » 6/28/07 1:34pm 6/28/07 1:34pm

Johnny 5 Still Not Alive, But Now He's Got a LEGO Brother

Technically this is called the JohnNXT 5, though even Steve Guttenberg's minority friend won't be fooled that this isn't the real Johnny Five. LEGO fan Daniele Benedettelli built this entire thing out of LEGO Mindstorm NXT parts, which if our calculations are correct, means this probably costs as much as an actual… » 5/01/07 9:45pm 5/01/07 9:45pm

Teac CD-X10i and MC-DX22i NXT-enabled CD Players With iPod Dock

These two ultra-thin CD players from Teac not only include two Hollywood-actress-slim speakers and a subwoofer, they also include an iPod dock. The CD player supports regular CDs along with MP3 CDs, CD-R and CD-RW discs. An AM/FM tuner also allows you to listen to the barren wasteland known as drive-time radio now… » 8/11/06 5:00pm 8/11/06 5:00pm

Lego Mindstorms NXT Update August 1st: More User Memory, UniBin for Mac

We've got it on good word that Lego will be releasing a new firmware version for their Mindstorms NXT robot kit that will "open up 60 to 80% more storage space" for user-made programs. (If you read our impressions of the Mindstorms NXT, you might remember that the low storage space and lack of expandability was a… » 7/05/06 3:54pm 7/05/06 3:54pm