Wii Launch NYC: First in line - Triforce, King of the Fanboys

Yes, this is the man they call Triforce, the guy who's been here in Times Square for an excruciating 9 days, on and off. "They kicked me off the line like 5 times, saying you can't be on this block." But my friends, Triforce persisted. "I was tired of getting skipped at other console launches. I haven't been that… » 11/18/06 9:00pm 11/18/06 9:00pm

Wii Launch NYC: Segways + Wiis = Dork Utopia

At about 6:15, legions of Wii-equipped Segways and guys with LCD TVs propped above their heads emerged from Toys 'R' Us to titillate and entertain the front section of the line. While the LCD TV guys didn't have much to do other than hand out stickers, the Segways had big ol' TVs on the front hooked up to playable… » 11/18/06 8:15pm 11/18/06 8:15pm