Nyko's Charge Base S For Xbox 360 Improves On The Unimprovable

Because modern console controllers are all wireless, keeping them constantly charged is as vital to the gaming experience as choosing the right controller. That's why the original Nyko Charge Base was like my personal team doctor, making sure the guys were ready and charged for game time. But now could Nyko improve on… » 3/16/11 4:00pm 3/16/11 4:00pm

Nyko Power Pak+ Will Double Nintendo 3DS Battery at Launch

The Nintendo 3DS isn't quite out yet but Nyko's already got two accessories that'll make sure you're juiced up for three-dee playtime right from the get-go. The Nyko Power Pak+, available March 27 for $20, is a fat rechargeable battery pack that'll give your 3DS roughly twice the juice as the regular one—and it's got… » 3/08/11 1:23pm 3/08/11 1:23pm

Nyko's Zoom Lens for the DSi Now Available, Still Seems Like Overkill

Not to sound phallic, but things keep growing bigger on the DSi. Nintendo confirmed the new 4.2-inch screen DSi LL earlier today, and now Nyko's 8x optical Zoom Case is finally getting pushed out the door. » 10/29/09 6:56am 10/29/09 6:56am

Battlemodo: The Wiimote vs. The Cheap Knockoffs

The Wiimote is a cute controller, but it's $40. And now Nyko and Mad Catz have each released nearly identical alternatives that run $5 and $10 less, respectively. But do they work in performance-heavy gaming? Actually, yes, yes they do. » 6/16/09 2:20pm 6/16/09 2:20pm