Hands on with Nyko Wing: Wii's Classic Controller Goes Wireless

Earlier today, Nyko unveiled the Wing »9/04/08 6:20pm9/04/08 6:20pm, a wireless controller for the Wii, based on Nintendo's own classic controller. Aside from the whole no wires thing, they've put their own spin on the accessory by tweaking the ergonomics, incorporating a battery charger, and adjusting the button spacing. After spending a bit of…

The Nyko Wing Looks Better than the Wii Classic Controller It's Knocking Off

The Nyko Wing, other than looking a bit more comfortable than the Wii's Classic Controller, brings a few other conveniences to Wii vintage gaming. First, it's wireless. So while it still requires an active Wiimote to communicate with the system (and it uses a Wiimote dongle to do so), you won't need to worry about… »8/29/08 10:00am8/29/08 10:00am