The NYPD Was Sued an Average of 10 Times a Day Last Year 

Around ten lawsuits were filed against the NYPD every day, according to a new analysis by I Quant NY of a city report that also says most suits were "primarily of allegations of police misconduct, civil rights violations, and injury and/or damage from accidents involving police vehicles." »12/12/14 5:12pm12/12/14 5:12pm

NYPD Is Begging for Twitter Followers By Passing Out Fliers Underground

Following in the grand tradition of that woman who always asks you for money and that guy with the pamphlets about how the Apocalypse cometh, the NYPD is begging for new followers for its L-train-specific Twitter account the only way it knows how: By shoving fliers in the faces of passersby on their way to work. »9/18/14 12:14pm9/18/14 12:14pm

Should the NYPD Have to Wear Cameras Everywhere They Go?

Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that New York City's "stop-and-frisk" violated the rights of minorities in the city. In her recommendations accompanying the ruling, Judge Shira Scheindlin ordered the NYPD to test wearable cameras in five precincts where the controversial search tactic was used. But a lot of people… »8/13/13 5:51pm8/13/13 5:51pm

How the NYPD Hunted Down an iPhone Thief in an Awesome Subway Chase

The subway is a prime place for phone theft. Snatch, grab, run. Whether you're getting on or getting off, you'll make a quick escape from your target. It doesn't always work, though. The NYPD managed to catch someone who tried exactly that trick by using Find My iPhone and following along on the ground in a righteous… »5/04/13 7:17pm5/04/13 7:17pm

The NYPD Is Planning a Simulated Chemical Attack For New York Subways

A subway-borne chemical attack is one of those theoreticals that require the willful ignorance of regular passengers—for most of us, it's just better not to think about it. Not so for the NYPD, which yesterday announced a plan to test how a chemical or radiological attack would spread through the city's 200-odd miles… »4/25/13 8:50pm4/25/13 8:50pm

The Plan to Catch Drugstore Cowboys With GPS Chips Hidden in Prescription Bottles

Addictive prescription drugs are flying off the shelves—And not in the hands of paying customers. Pill robberies are becoming such a problem that the NYPD wants to start planting fake prescription drug bottles with embedded GPS chips in pharmacies to help the cops bust thieves after heists. »1/15/13 10:16am1/15/13 10:16am

New York Cops Want to Catch Future Mass Shooters Online—Before They Snap

The recent school shooting in Newtown, CT is proving a watershed moment for American gun control efforts—public opinion is quickly coalescing in favor of stringent regulation proposals while civic leaders scramble to respond to the outcry. But fear not New Yorkers, the NYPD has a plan—wait for potential killers to… »12/22/12 1:00am12/22/12 1:00am