Pogue Sees Eye-to-Eye With Vudu Video-on-Demand Box (Verdict: Mostly Great)

Pushing out his review a bit before the official embargo lifted last night, our favorite Times wonder-reporter put the video store in a box, Vudu, through its paces and walked away mostly happy with the experience. Brownie points for: picture quality, slick five-button remote, pay-per-flick, and truly instant viewing.… »9/06/07 1:00pm9/06/07 1:00pm

Pogue Reviews Waterproof Cams, Sanyo Xacti E1 Floats Above the Competition

Pogue takes a a few waterproof cams down to the local waterpark for testing and finds Sanyo's 6MP Xacti E1 to be of better image and video quality than the rest. I've always found the Xacti cam's nice, but the low light performance to be lacking. That doesn't matter when you're talking about beach and pool time,… »7/23/07 7:02pm7/23/07 7:02pm

The New York Times Makes Writing iPhone Non-News Easy

The headline of today's NYT iPhone story was promising: "Hollywood Seeks Ways to Fit Its Content Into the Realm of the iPhone." On the heels of last week's GooTube-on-your-iPhone confirmation and coming from a legitimate newspaper (not, you know, a blog) it seemed like it might contain some actual, you know, news. Not… »6/25/07 10:10am6/25/07 10:10am

Pogue Finds the Best Reasonably-Priced Noise-Cancelling Headphones

NY Times badass David Pogue took a look at noise-canceling headphones, looking for a pair that can match the quality of Bose's QuietComfort 3's without the ridiculously high price ($350[!!!). What he found were a bunch of pairs that did the job decently, and a couple that came close enough to the QuietComforts to make… »6/14/07 6:30pm6/14/07 6:30pm