Next week, the struggling New York Times will launch a new app with content tailored for a "mobile audience." Called NYT Now, it'll cost $8 per month for non-subscribers. Additionally, a new Times Premiere plan with more content will cost (!) $45 per month—without print. Both seem a little pricey for what they are,… » 3/27/14 9:14am 3/27/14 9:14am

Chinese Hackers Have Been Hacking the New York Times for the Past 4…

Because the NY Times recently exposed China's Prime Minister, Wen Jiabao, for having made billions of dollars through business dealings, Chinese hackers have been trying to hack and infiltrate the NY Times for the past 4 months. Security experts say the hackers used methods consistent with the Chinese military. » 1/30/13 10:21pm 1/30/13 10:21pm

Even the New York Times Had to Learn Its Way Around Twitter

Let's give the Gray Lady a little credit for being early to the game and unafraid to mix it up with her "hip young friends." Makes you wonder how many other hilarious early tweets there are out there. » 11/29/12 12:16pm 11/29/12 12:16pm

The New York Times Accidentally Spams More Than 8 Million People

Some 8.6 million people received a weird, unprompted email about their New York Times subscriptions this afternoon—regardless of whether or not they had subscriptions at all. The email was initially reported to be a hack. » 12/28/11 4:58pm 12/28/11 4:58pm

Make the NY Times Website Easier to Read with Ochs

I love the New York Times. I read it as often as I can. And I have no beef with their website layout but sometimes, there's just too much going on. I just want the news! Ochs, a plug-in for Chrome, does just that. » 10/07/11 5:40pm 10/07/11 5:40pm

The New York Times Made a Steve Jobs Themed Crosswords Puzzle

If you open up the NY Times today (or go to their website), there's a special Steve Jobs themed crosswords puzzle. It was made by Kevin Der, a Quora engineer and former Pixar and Facebook employee. » 10/07/11 3:40pm 10/07/11 3:40pm

The New York Times' Infamous 111-111-1111 Phone Number Is Dead

Whenever anyone got a phone call from 1111111111, it wasn't a telemarketer, it wasn't because their phone was broken, it wasn't a call from God, instead, it was the New York Times calling. Anytime anyone made a call from inside the NY Times headquarters, 'The Ones' would show up on the caller ID. » 8/12/11 4:00pm 8/12/11 4:00pm

The Biggest Lie the Internet Ever Told: Free Everything, All the Time

Since you clicked your first link, you were promised one thing about the internet: you may have to pay a cover charge, but once you're in, everything's free. Except that suddenly doesn't seem as true anymore. You know what? Good. » 7/27/11 2:10pm 7/27/11 2:10pm

A Future for Print: This Store Was Made with 1,800 Copies of the NY…

Newspapers! They've finally found their purpose in our digital age! And it's to be...building bricks for retail kiosks. 1,800 issues of the New York Times will clad this kiosk located in Grand Central Terminal in New York City. » 7/26/11 8:40pm 7/26/11 8:40pm

Your Kindle NY Times Subscription Finally Gets You Free…

As it was promised, so it has been given: those who (totally inexplicably) subscribe to the New York Times on their Kindles now have carte blanche access to the Grey Lady's website. Congratulations! Although honestly why weren't you just doing this the whole time? » 7/07/11 2:04pm 7/07/11 2:04pm

Nook Readers Can Get Unlimited Access to, Too

Joining Kindle readers, Barnes & Nobile Nook readers can hit up and get unlimited access to the paper, provided they have a paid-up subscription. The Nook will be switched on at the Grey Lady in the coming weeks, but if you want to take a squizz at the site for free, there are still ways! [ZDNet] » 4/05/11 11:45am 4/05/11 11:45am

Did You Pay For the New York Times Today?

You've had a few hours now to think it over, so let's hear it: did you pay for a New York Times digital subscription? Or are you going over, up, and around the paywall by any means necessary? Citizens of the internet, stand and be counted! » 3/28/11 8:00pm 3/28/11 8:00pm

Kindle NY Times Subscribers Get For Free

If you subscribe to the NY Times on your Kindle for $20/month, first of all stop that! Must be a terribly frustrating experience. But also good news: your e-ink subscription has granted you entry past the homepage paywall, and you can surf the Grey Lady at will. Which basically just means that Kindle pricing and… » 3/28/11 7:06pm 3/28/11 7:06pm

The NY Times Doesn't Mind You Tweeting Their Stories—Just Don't Use…

Turns out that it wasn't the tweeting (and thus offering easy access to free reading) the NY Times disapproved of with the @freeNYTimes feed, it was that they dared use the "T" logo the paper uses. The feed is back up, for easy paywall-dodging reading. [@freeNYTimes via Forbes] » 3/25/11 12:34pm 3/25/11 12:34pm

That Free NY Times Twitter Account Got Taken Down. Here's Another One

When we told you how to keep reading the NY Times for free, we mentioned the Twitter account @freenyt. That's been taken down! The new one is @freeUnnamedNews (and expects to stay up since there's no mention of the NYT). » 3/23/11 6:32pm 3/23/11 6:32pm

It's Not Just Google That Will Enforce the NY Times Paywall

Sure, there'll be various ways to jump over the NY Times paywall, but technically you'll only be allowed five articles a day going through Google—and all other major search engines, confirms their Communications Manager. [TechCrunch] » 3/22/11 12:50pm 3/22/11 12:50pm

Access Denied: US Air Force Blocks the New York Times

Air Force personnel on military computers are no longer able to access the websites of The New York Times, the Guardian, and 22 other news publications—greeted with an "ACCESS DENIED" message instead. The reason? WikiLeaks panic, of course. » 12/14/10 6:51pm 12/14/10 6:51pm

NY Times Anoints Ebooks With Their Own Best-Seller List

Starting early next year, the venerable NY Times is going to include ebooks in its weekly literary sales ratings. Taking their place alongside paperbacks and hardcovers, ebooks will be ranked based on a system that it took the Grey Lady two years to perfect: » 11/11/10 11:40am 11/11/10 11:40am

Inescapable Technology Is Beating Up Our Brains

Is taking out your iPad during dinner conversation even rude anymore? Is it normal to get nervous with distraction-free minutes? I just glanced at my phone while typing this. The NY Times explores our tech-addled brains, and how it's hurting. » 8/25/10 5:00pm 8/25/10 5:00pm