Four-Winged Flying Robot Drifts on Breezes Like an Airborne Jellyfish

It seems logical that if you're designing a flying robot, you might borrow a few ideas from Mother Nature's airborne repertoire. But researchers at NYU instead too their inspiration from under the sea for this unusual robotic craft that flies through the air the same way a jellyfish moves through the ocean. »11/25/13 10:00am11/25/13 10:00am


Here's What Happens When 40,000 College Students Realize They Can E-Mail All 40,000 People at Once

NYU recently sent out a seemingly innocuous e-mail to all of its students asking them to opt for paperless forms. People in college get those kinds of e-mails all the time! But when one student decided to ask his mom if he should enable the paperless forms, he accidentally triggered a method that allowed him (and… »11/27/12 7:40pm11/27/12 7:40pm