I Can't Believe This Alien Orange Bubble Sky Actually Appeared on Earth

The sky is blue! Only when it's not gray. Or purple. Or red. Or orange. The clouds are white! Only when they're not gray. Or even darker than that. Basically, the clouds and sky can be anything. But can the sky be a creamsicle orange bubbly thing that looks like we're on an alien planet? Apparently so. » 7/30/13 8:00pm 7/30/13 8:00pm

NFC in the UK Inches Towards Mainstream Adoption With Four Carriers'…

The UK's Vodafone, O2 and Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile) networks have collaborated on an NFC joint-venture that will put the squeeze on businesses to start offering NFC as a payment option for customers, and allow customers of any network with any NFC-equipped phone to use the service. They're hopeful… » 6/16/11 7:35am 6/16/11 7:35am

An Artist Peels His Painting of an Orange with Brushstrokes

Duane Keiser, an artist, painted an orange. You know, the fruit. What makes this orange special is that Keiser actually paints over the original orange to "peel" it with art. What starts as a full orange is turned into an orange slice. The time lapse video takes a while to develop, and I'm pretty sure I got lost with… » 3/20/11 6:13pm 3/20/11 6:13pm

Windows Phone 7 Will Debut On Five of UK's Networks

After hearing that Windows Phone 7 would be available across Europe first, Microsoft has got in touch today to boast that five of the largest networks in the UK (O2, T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone and 3 Mobile) would be stocking the handsets "later this year." October, the rumored launch-date, wasn't mentioned… » 9/22/10 8:32am 9/22/10 8:32am