NFC in the UK Inches Towards Mainstream Adoption With Four Carriers' Marriage

The UK's Vodafone, O2 and Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile) networks have collaborated on an NFC joint-venture that will put the squeeze on businesses to start offering NFC as a payment option for customers, and allow customers of any network with any NFC-equipped phone to use the service. They're hopeful… »6/16/11 7:35am6/16/11 7:35am

Cowon O2 Hands-On: Will Play Your Most Rebellious Media Files

CNET got their hands on Cowon's new flash-based PMP, the O2, and they think it's one of the year's best dedicated media players. The 4.3-inch touchscreen player has a truly ridiculous list of supported codecs, an SDHC slot to expand its internal 8, 16, or 32GB memory, solid (if not too flashy) GUI, and a surprisingly… »10/25/08 5:15pm10/25/08 5:15pm

Europe's Ryanair to Push Passengers One Step Closer to the Edge with In-Flight Cellphone Service

If you're flying one of Europe's many discount carriers and you're not violently hungover, you're probably doing something wrong—the cabins of those single-class A319s are bubbling tempests of unshowered, throbbing rage that always seem a fraction of a degree away from boiling over. Now on your sunrise flight from… »9/25/08 9:30am9/25/08 9:30am

Ymup Oxygen Generating Backpack For Thin-Air Adventures

A Japanese company named Ymup is set to unveil what is being touted as the world's first oxygen generating backpack »7/24/08 3:00pm7/24/08 3:00pm. The generator itself is battery powered and should give climbers about 2 hours of O2 at a 30% concentration. It can even be operated via remote control should you need to remove your gear to negotiate a…

T-Mobile Will Offer iPhones for 1 Euro (With Hefty Monthly Contract)

This 3G iPhone deal from T-Mobile isn't quite free, a la O2, but at one euro it's pretty darn close. Like the 02 deal, however, the low price point is available only for customers that are comfortable signing away large chunks of their life via a mobile phone contract. To get the T-Mobile deal, you must choose the… »6/15/08 8:00pm6/15/08 8:00pm

European Bastards to Get Free iPhone and Great Monthly Plans

It's official: O2 and Telefonica users in the UK and Spain will get the iPhone absolutely free if they sign up for a 18-month plan with a $88 monthly cost. But how "free" is free? Is this really a better deal than AT&T's $1,975 24-month plan price? The answer is yes, absofrakinlutely. Those countries got really good… »6/11/08 5:16pm6/11/08 5:16pm

iPhone Stocks Being Replenished, Not Sold Out, Say UK Retailers

Despite the rumors of iPhones being out of stock in the UK, it's not really true—according to the retailers themselves. Reghardware has spoken to both O2 and Carphone Warehouse, and both say they're just tackling getting more 16GB iPhones for their online departments. Apple themselves have stock and O2 and Carphone… »5/08/08 11:50am5/08/08 11:50am

iPhone Sales Fall 5 Percent Below Expectations in the UK

The Financial Times reports that UK sales of the Apple iPhone weren't quite up to par, selling 190,000 phones against a target of 200,000 in the first two months. Some analysts even projected sales in the range of 350,000-400,000. Many cite the high price of the phone, saying the average phone is free and the average… »1/19/08 6:20pm1/19/08 6:20pm

iPhone Prices Compared in Four Countries (Verdict: We're Doing Alright)

setteB.IT took it upon themselves to chart up the four different iPhone providers in four different countries and see who's getting the best deal. Apparently, it's Orange (France) if you're looking at the cheapest overall price, but their plan only includes about 240 minutes and limits both Wi-Fi and EDGE data. In… »11/27/07 1:14pm11/27/07 1:14pm