Yup, Police Can Search License Plate Scans to Find Your Favorite Bar

The license plate reader (LPR) cameras installed in most cities allow police to track cars and their drivers who are potentially engaged in criminal activities. But depending on the way police store the data, as Ars Technica found out, anyone might be able to access this information. » 3/24/15 1:55pm 3/24/15 1:55pm

Butt Plugs, High Rent, Horses: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

A giant sex toy is enraging Paris, high rents are challenging Brooklyn's churches, and one mayoral candidate has a rather interesting idea for tackling Oakland's transportation crisis. It's What's Ruining Our Cities! » 10/26/14 2:20pm 10/26/14 2:20pm

Zipping from San Francisco to Oakland in 5 Minutes

Last week I had two friends from the Bay Area over to my apartment in Los Angeles. They recently moved to San Francisco from Oakland and I asked how they liked their new digs. "We love it. But I wish there was a way to get between Oakland and San Francisco easier." » 8/22/14 4:16pm 8/22/14 4:16pm

Pinball, Swords, Bad Air: What's Not Ruining Our Cities This Week

Long-suffering pinball fans can finally play free in Oakland. Swords are being returned to their rightful owners in New York City. And America is breathing better air than we have in a decade. Sometimes we like to look at the brighter side of urban life. It's our peek at What's Not Ruining Our Cities Anymore. » 6/28/14 1:00pm 6/28/14 1:00pm

Oakland Police Chief Admits to Filtering All His Occupy Email to Spam

Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan has admitted to a court that he never saw emails from city officials about police brutality by his force during Occupy Oakland - because they were being redirected to his spam folder. » 10/31/12 7:58am 10/31/12 7:58am

This Is How You Rebuild One of the Nation's Busiest Bridges Without…

The Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco and Oakland may not be as iconic as the Golden Gate but it's a vital traffic artery nonetheless. So how do you reconstruct the span without delaying its 280,000 daily commuters? Very carefully. » 12/03/11 3:30am 12/03/11 3:30am

Mobile Phone Owner Captures Video of Home Burglary

If you want to protect your belongings, you should probably buy a mobile phone with a nice video camera and learn how to use it. Like this woman in Oakland, you may find yourself unexpectedly recording a theft in progress. » 6/09/11 9:43pm 6/09/11 9:43pm

Is This a Laptop Thief in Action?

Joshua Kaufman claims his MacBook was lifted from his Oakland, California apartment and the police aren't doing a thing to help him get his stolen property back. Just like the others before him, Kaufmann has a theft tracking app installed on his Mac and is posting up pictures of the alleged thief . Using Hidden,… » 5/31/11 6:47pm 5/31/11 6:47pm

Craigslist Is 11,000 Times Safer than Oakland

In response to a dubious "study" commissioned by a Craigslist competitor that concluded the shady handjob and used laptop mecca is "a cesspool of crime," the San Francisco Chronicle's James Temple puts things in perspective: » 2/24/11 9:20pm 2/24/11 9:20pm