The Future of Active Eyewear: An Interview With Oakley's R&D Division

The pinnacle achievement in active eyewear was once simply making a pair of sunglasses that were light and wouldn't shatter into your eyeballs. While that's still important, technology has obviously progressed. So what is the future, exactly? Heads-up displays? Augmented reality? Cybernetic retinal implants? » 3/19/14 4:40pm 3/19/14 4:40pm

The Most Over-Engineered Flask Known To Man

Finding ways to stealthily transport alcohol has been a long-time obsession for man. We've used just about anything imaginable to do so, too, including fruit and animal bladders. Around the 18th century, though, we found a more refined and possibly more sanitary way to do so with the hip flask, which, at the time, was… » 4/11/13 3:20pm 4/11/13 3:20pm

Carbon Fiber Flask: At Least Your Booze Will Survive the Apocalypse

When World War III finally starts and the planet is decimated by nuclear bombs, facing a post-apocalyptic future will be a lot easier with a swig from this seemingly indestructible flask. Designed by Oakley working with The Macallan, The Flask—as it's called—is made from such Tonka-tough materials as carbon fiber,… » 2/27/13 12:40pm 2/27/13 12:40pm

Oakley Is Making Its Own Google Glasses

As dorky as you'll look wearing Google Glasses, the idea of augmented reality specs is dripping with potential awesomeness (and guaranteed hilarity). So it's not a surprise that Oakley, sunglass king, is working on its own Google Glasses competitor. Maybe they won't be as ugly as Google's? » 4/17/12 11:31am 4/17/12 11:31am

Badass Oakley Roddler Stroller Gives Your Kid an Early Chip on His…

If you're looking to start your kid off with both a tough-guy attitude as well as an air of entitlement, you can't go wrong with the ludicrous Oakley Roddler stroller. While it's a concept that's apparently "inspired" by Oakley, it looks more inspired by a combo of overpriced strollers and military aircraft.

[ » 11/20/08 1:00pm 11/20/08 1:00pm

Oakley Split Thump MP3 Players Reviewed (Verdict: Actually Not Bad)

Oakley's Split Thump sunglasses aren't exactly popular outside of the mullet-sporting bounty hunter demographic, but if you can get past the looks (tough to do), it's actually a decent sunglass-MP3 player. Tech Digest says the drag and drop file loading from both Windows and Macs was incredibly easy, plus the volume… » 2/25/08 3:20pm 2/25/08 3:20pm

Oakley's 'O Lab' Shoots Ball Bearings at, Drops Weights on Sunglasses

Oakley sunglasses are expensive. But apparently, they're expensive for reasons other than the recognizable "O" logo that's stuck on them. Nope, they're resistant to shattering if something strikes them, unlike other sunglasses that'll happily embed shards of themselves in your eyes when hit. They can also withstand 2… » 11/23/07 11:20am 11/23/07 11:20am

Oakley Split Thump: Is The Product as Bad as the Name?

Oakely seems bound and determined to push this whole MP3 player sunglasses thing, and their latest release, The Split Thump, combines a really bad name with extremely expensive sunglasses that are only marginally better looking than some of the fashion disasters of years past (you know, the kind of designs that someone … » 11/05/07 9:35pm 11/05/07 9:35pm

Oakley Nanowire Sunglasses Have Magical Qualities But Aren't…

Oakley has just released a pair of radical-looking polarized sunglasses, made out of some miraculous substance the company has dubbed Nanowire. If you wade through the marketSpeak it's actually a lightweight titanium alloy with "memory" that can stand up to some heavy bending and snap right back to where it was before.… » 7/03/07 4:30pm 7/03/07 4:30pm