Why the Hell Do People Insist on Posting About In-Flight Internet?

What the hell, they have internet on planes these days? You must be, like, the first person ever to be able to post to Facebook from thousands of feet in the air. Quick! Tell your friends! Right now! Waste no time! Everyone will be fascinated. » 8/15/13 7:34am 8/15/13 7:34am

Everything You Love and Hate About Your Smartphone

As much as you love your smartphone, you probably hate it equally. And who could blame you? Here are all the reasons your smartphone affair is such a tortured one, from Matthew "The Oatmeal" Inman. Click to biggie-size. » 6/14/11 8:20am 6/14/11 8:20am

When Will Websites Stop Ripping Each Other Off?

We've used plenty of The Oatmeal's funny comics in the past, here on Giz. But that's always been with artist Matthew Inman's permission, full attribution, and a link back to the site. Some websites aren't so generous. » 5/26/11 4:20am 5/26/11 4:20am

How the Hell Do I Fix My Windows/Mac/Linux Computer?

If you live in the twenty-first century, you've no doubt endured the unutterable agony of a computer breaking down on you. Then comes the excruciating part: bargaining with the incapable hunk of metal to—"Please, for the love of God"—sputter back to life. Well, the next time this happens, perhaps you can use this… » 4/18/11 9:20pm 4/18/11 9:20pm

Just How Likable Is Each Angry Bird Anyway?

We don't really want to think about how many hours we've spent flinging little cartoon birds at little cartoon pigs—it's too sad to consider all that wasted time. Instead we're going to focus on which of those little cartoon birds we like best and why. » 2/25/11 10:40pm 2/25/11 10:40pm

Would It Really Be So Hard to Design All Restaurant Websites Like This?

Have you looked at a restaurant website recently? Odds are that it was a horrid mess that didn't give you any of the information you needed. Is it really that difficult to design a decent site for a place that sells food? » 2/08/11 10:40pm 2/08/11 10:40pm

This Is the State of the Web Right Now

Now and then, comic artist Matthew "The Oatmeal" Inman truly manages to capture something that we're all thinking about but unable to convey. Today that something is the truth about the state of the Internet as it is right now. » 1/24/11 10:00pm 1/24/11 10:00pm

How #FollowFriday Is SUPPOSED To Work

Every Friday, many of us will watch our Twitter streams fill up with lists of users and variations of #ff and #followfriday hashtags. Is this really how that whole thing is supposed to work? What would be better? » 12/10/10 8:00pm 12/10/10 8:00pm

Why Some Emails Go Unanswered

At some point in his or her life, every person winds up being stuck in a highly uncomfortable situation involving an unanswered email. But just how do those situations develop? Here's a breakdown. » 12/07/10 10:40pm 12/07/10 10:40pm

Why Most Geeks Don't Cook At Home

There are plenty of studies which tell us that cooking at home is one of the better things we can do for our health, yet we can't seem to stop eating out. Here's how we can justify that laziness. » 11/11/10 12:20am 11/11/10 12:20am

Your Car Desperately Needs This Button

Your car has so many features that you probably don't even know how to use half of them. Unfortunately what it lacks happens to be an incredibly important little button. » 10/21/10 8:40pm 10/21/10 8:40pm

Please Don't Ever Photograph These Seven Things Again

Most of us post stupid pictures of ourselves on the Internet constantly, but it's time to stop being annoying attention whores. The first step? Never photographing these seven things again. » 10/13/10 7:40pm 10/13/10 7:40pm

Send This To Every Person Who Writes You An Annoying Email

You probably know a few people who just shouldn't be allowed to send emails. You might've tried to gently train them to stop sending stupid forwards or using gaudy signatures and failed. Well, now it's time to show them this: » 10/04/10 10:00pm 10/04/10 10:00pm

This Is How I Feel About Buying Apps

Sometimes we don't think twice about whipping out our wallets for certain items—be they cups of coffee or the latest gadgets—but apps for our iPhones? We need to think about those for a while. » 8/30/10 10:40pm 8/30/10 10:40pm

Why Working From Home Is Both Awesome And Horrible

Many dream about a job which will allow them to work from home. After all, there's something appealing about the idea of not needing to put on pants to clock in. Unfortunately though, such a gig isn't without problems. » 8/25/10 11:20pm 8/25/10 11:20pm

What It's Like To Own An Apple Product

Shiny new Apple gadgets are revealed regularly and each time that happens we rush to a store and go through the same cycle of reactions. Drool. Love. Hate. Love. Drool again. This is what owning Apple products is like. » 6/16/10 11:20pm 6/16/10 11:20pm

8 Websites You Need To Stop Building

We only need to read that Jim has chopsticks lodged down his throat once, so why are there dozens of different, ugly, irritating ways for him to announce it? Here are the websites we've got enough of: » 5/11/10 11:40pm 5/11/10 11:40pm

How to Name a Volcano

It's not easy to come up with a volcano name that forces people to sound like they've got something jammed down their throats, but someone's gotta do it. Here's the trick to doing it properly. » 4/22/10 10:20pm 4/22/10 10:20pm

10 Reasons to Avoid Talking on the Phone

As important as phones can be in our daily lives, there are some reasons to avoid them entirely. Here are ten such reasons which may actually succeed in turning you into an anti-social, handsaw-owning phone avoider.. » 2/23/10 12:40am 2/23/10 12:40am