RIP Big Tex: 1952-2012

"Howdeeeee folks. Welcome to the State Fair of Texas!" Visitors to Dallas' Fair Park have been greeted by the booming voice of a 52-foot-tall statue at the state fair for the last 60 years. But the Lone Star State icon leaves some giant boots to fill—today Big Tex met a tragic death in a purported electrical fire.… » 10/19/12 4:16pm 10/19/12 4:16pm

Eugene Polley, Inventor of the First Wireless TV Remote Control, Has…

Eugene J. Polley, a man best known for inventing the first wireless television remote control, died of natural causes on Sunday at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, Illinois. He was 96. » 5/22/12 1:12am 5/22/12 1:12am

This Man Made Enough Germ Weapons to Destroy the World (And Now He's…

William C. Patrick III died last week. He was responsible for enough bio-weaponry to kill every single person on the planet. And several other planets. And then, he spent the rest of his life fighting against his own deadly creations. » 10/11/10 6:20pm 10/11/10 6:20pm

Segway Owner James Heselden: Inventor, Businessman, Philanthropist

Jimi Heselden will forever be remembered as the Segway, Inc. chairman who rode his product off a cliff. That's a shame. Because Heselden's life amounted to so much more than that one tragic accident. » 9/27/10 5:00pm 9/27/10 5:00pm

Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser, Founder of...Sennheiser, Dies

One of the fathers of modern acoustics and founder of speaker/microphone manufacturer Sennheiser, Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser died on Monday. He was 98 years old. » 5/19/10 8:00pm 5/19/10 8:00pm

Rest In Peace, Ridiculous Dual-Screen OLPC XO-2

It has always been an unspoken fear—or assumption, even—that the dual-touchscreen followup to the original OLPC, the XO-2, would never come to pass. But we let the dream live! Until today: the XO-2 is officially scrapped. » 11/03/09 3:18pm 11/03/09 3:18pm

RIP Microsoft Encarta, 1993-2009

Woe: Microsoft has officially pulled the plug on Encarta, a reference work that, for many of us, was probably more formative than anyone would like to admit. » 3/31/09 10:30am 3/31/09 10:30am