Solid Gold 2008 Calendar for Clueless Rich Fucks

If you're going to put a 2008 calendar on your wall, might as well spend $257,000 on one made of solid gold, right? An opportunistic Tokyo jeweler hops on the soak-the-rich bandwagon for the second year in a row with this 26.3-inch-tall calendar that consists of 13.23 pounds of 24k gold. How ostentatious can you get,… » 10/19/07 10:58am 10/19/07 10:58am

Million Dollar Cellphone

For those who have billions of dollars and nowhere to spend it, here's yet another object to acquire rather than giving away money to those pesky charities. It's a cellphone by Goldvish of Switzerland that costs a cool $1,278,000. Heck, starlets walking the red carpet at the Oscars wear jewelry worth way more than… » 7/06/06 9:36am 7/06/06 9:36am