This restaurant might have the best bread and butter in the world

The bread and butter at Razza Pizza Artiginale is made by James Beard Rising Star Chef semi-finalist Dan Richer. He's the chef behind the restaurant and might be more obsessed with bread and butter than any person on the planet. This video shows how he made his restaurant's bread and butter the most delicious. » 7/16/14 1:39am 7/16/14 1:39am

Getting a Shorter Headphone Cable Will Change Your Life

If you wear headphones, your pocket is too full. It's already got your phone in it, and then, to keep it from flopping useless against your thigh all day, you've stuffed the remainder of your overlong headphone cable in there as well, maybe rolled up neatly or wrapped around the phone, but most likely just jammed in… » 6/28/13 11:18am 6/28/13 11:18am

OpenTable Is Secretly the Best Thing on the Internet

No one hates OpenTable. No one finds it small or inconsequential or twee, as so many modern startups or services can be. No one thinks it does a bad job, or that it treats its users as property or hostages. On an internet that takes no greater joy than in being the first (or millionth) person to say something sucks,… » 5/10/13 2:23pm 5/10/13 2:23pm

Blanco Sandstone Coaster Lightning Review: The Cure for Condensation

Condensation in the summer heat is a vile byproduct of an icy beverage. Unpleasant to the hand. Devastating to wood surfaces. You must use a coaster, but the condensation is so strong its surface tension lifts most coasters right off the bar. Then again, the Blanco Sandstone Coaster is not like most coasters. » 6/13/12 3:20pm 6/13/12 3:20pm