Leaked Release List Details AT&T Windows Mobile Phones

One of BGR's "ninja tipsters" has graced that site with a roadmap of AT&T's Windows Mobile phones for the remainder of 2009. Topping the list is a business class duo consisting of the LG Monaco and HP Obsidian. » 9/20/09 5:10pm 9/20/09 5:10pm

Saitek's Obsidian Mouse Scrolls By Touch

Saitek Obsidian mouse could be the sexiest mouse they've made as far as we can remember. Much more useful than the Easter mice, the Obsidian has a touch-sensitive scrolling pad instead of a scroll wheel, two back/forward buttons on the sides, and a 1000 DPI sensor. Oh, and it looks like an Obsidian rock. Our 5th grade… » 4/18/07 4:30pm 4/18/07 4:30pm