Windows XP Gets Another Six Months to Live: Will Not Go Gently Into that Good Night

According to a leaked email from a PC OEM, Microsoft has officially extended the life of its now-beloved Windows XP, moving the date of planned obsolescence from January 31, 2009 all the way to July 31, 2009. In the wake of its very expensive ad campaign »10/04/08 10:00am10/04/08 10:00am promoting (in a roundabout way) Vista, the move is a bit…

Virtual Boy-Playing, Zune-Toting Alternate History is Kind of Plausible, Hilarious

Anyone who has ever piloted a Segway or watched a Betamax knows that the tech world isn't always a meritocracy. Good products can be trampled by inferior ones, and unpredictable consumers can make frustrating choices (Blu-ray, anyone?). More likely, though, is that the product was just a stupid idea in the first… »6/12/08 8:06pm6/12/08 8:06pm