Structure Sensor Review: A Tiny 3D Scanner With Huge Potential

Structure Sensor, the world's first iPad 3D scanner, is the sixth highest-earning project ever funded on Kickstarter and one of the most highly-anticipated gadgets of the year. Does it deliver on the promises that made thousands of backers feel like they were seeing the technology of 2020? It definitely feels like a… » 7/09/14 12:00pm 7/09/14 12:00pm

This Tiny Mobile 3D Scanner Snaps Right Onto Your iPad

3D scanning has been around for years, but it's traditionally required the use of a clunky device. Today, a Bay Area startup has unveiled a tiny alternative: The Structure Scanner, a diminutive 3D scanner that hooks right into your iPad, allowing you to capture 3D information about the world around you. » 9/17/13 12:07pm 9/17/13 12:07pm

360 Panorama Now Lets You Stitch Together Sweeping Landscapes with…

When 360 Panorama hit the iPhone last year, we liked being able to spin in a circle and have the phone create a panorama in real-time. Now Android users can do the same, thanks to some impressive trickery. » 11/22/11 10:28am 11/22/11 10:28am

Mobile Safari and iPhone 4's Gyroscope Secretly Play Nice

Occipital, purveyor of fine iPhone wares such as Redlaser and ClearCam, recently released a new iPhone app 360 Panorama. And in the process, they discovered you can navigate pages in Mobile Safari using the iPhone 4's gyroscope. » 12/22/10 12:00am 12/22/10 12:00am

ClearCam for iPhone Stitches 2MP Photos Together Into 4MP Ones

ClearCam is the latest iPhone app to go live on Cydia, home for the jailbreak apps, and turns your 2MP photos into 4MP ones by stitching 6 normal photos into one super photo. » 2/03/09 5:50am 2/03/09 5:50am