This Might Just be the Helio Ocean 2

Is this the Helio Ocean 2? According to someone on the Helio City forums who grabbed this screenshot from a since-removed YouTube video, yes. Is Helio even going to be around long enough to release another version of the Ocean? We'll see, but I'm not placing any bets one way or the other. But the fact that this shot… » 6/23/08 11:23am 6/23/08 11:23am

Is This the Helio Ocean 2?

Engadget got their hands on a Helio Ocean 2 shot, and it looks quite similar to the sketch we saw on the FCC site a while back. If this is it, it's still rounded and dual-sliding like the first, but supposedly has various upgrades like a 3-megapixel camera, 1GB internal storage, 30FPS video recording and a… » 5/28/08 2:47pm 5/28/08 2:47pm

Helio Ocean 2 Hits FCC, First Impression is Same-Old Same-Old

The FCC has just leaked this image of Helio's Ocean 2. How do we know that? Well, it's carrying an OZ2 model and OZ was the alternative moniker of the original Helio Ocean. We can't tell much else from the drawing, such as whether the Mark 2 Ocean will have the dual slider of its older brother, but we can see the body… » 3/29/08 6:30pm 3/29/08 6:30pm