Bicycle for Two Seats Riders Next to Each Other

Bicycles built for two seem like they'd be romantic, but how do you decide who gets to sit in front? It's clearly the better position, as you get a view of the open road rather than of your bikemate's sweaty back. That's why this strange mutant two-person bike makes sense… sort of. I mean, it seems like just riding… » 9/24/07 6:50pm 9/24/07 6:50pm

Beethoven Clock, Bringing the Grouchy Old Composer Into the 21st Century

Here's a two-thirds scale bust of Ludwig Van, wearing a pair of Vuarnets and reminding us of what time it is. Judging from his expression, it looks like the old master isn't too joyful joyful about wearing these shades; he could thinking about committing some of the ultra-viol, my little droogies. We think this statue… » 3/22/07 7:30pm 3/22/07 7:30pm