Ad Networks Are Bypassing Apple Privacy Rules With a Bunch of New Tricks

Last year, Apple gave developers a slap on the wrists for using UDIDs—unique numbers attached to every iPhone which software designers like because they make it possible to keep track of who's using their apps. Now, however, it turns out that ad networks are bypassing a whole swathe of Apple's privacy rules using a… »6/05/12 5:49am6/05/12 5:49am


One Step Closer to Star Trek Clothes: Helly Hansen Odin Jacket With Climate Control

Helly Hansen's Odin project is the name given to their newly completed, technologically advanced apparel system. The range, which will include various garments for extreme climates, incorporates the Odin PCM Soft-shell. The end result of the development is automatic temperature control, and we think that is promising… »1/02/08 4:30am1/02/08 4:30am