Unbelievable New Camera Technology Erases People in the Background of Your Pictures

We've all been there. You're setting up a shot that perfectly frames your friend against the background but as you snap your picture the people in the background start moving around and mess it all up. The picture is ruined, your friend looks like a bobbing ocean buoy amongst a sea of people and you hate everyone.… »2/14/12 2:00pm2/14/12 2:00pm

Microsoft Offering Vista-to-XP Downgrade Option to Anyone, Not Just OEMs

While many sites today are claiming that MS is only offering Vista-to-XP downgrade discs to OEMs, CNet Asia found out that Microsoft support will allow anybody with a copy of Vista Ultimate or Business to call and request a downgrade disc themselves, just like it says in the license terms. So there you have it, any… »9/24/07 3:14pm9/24/07 3:14pm

Turn iPhone's Back All-Black with Back Cover Replacement Kit

We're perfectly happy with the brushed aluminum backs of our iPhones, but some people are disconcerted by the difference between the back's black bottom and aluminum top. Now the Cellular Nationwide Network is offering the Apple iPhone OEM Metal Black Rear Cover, a replacement for that aluminum back that gives your… »7/19/07 4:26pm7/19/07 4:26pm

Windows Home Server to be Available on OEM (That Means You Can Buy It Solo)

We had a close look at the Windows Home Server (WHS) back in April, groping all its sweet, sweet home server features before we were shooed away by Microsoft's people. Good news for PC enthusiasts who want to do their serving from an old PC: Microsoft's just announced that they're going to release WHS as an OEM… »5/16/07 4:00pm5/16/07 4:00pm

i-Mate Releases JASJAM and SP JAS, Re-badged Versions of The HTC TyTN and MTeoR

i-Mate continues the practice of letting the CEO's two year old child name their phones by releasing the i-Mate JASJAM and the i-MATE SP JAS. The JASJAM is their re-badged version of the HTC TyTN, and the SP JAS is their HTC MTeoR. Honestly, we can't decide which one of these two sets of names we dislike more. Though,… »8/29/06 5:15pm8/29/06 5:15pm