Would You Give Up Your Sense of Smell Before You Gave Up Tech?

In a survey of 7,000 16-to-30-year-olds, a not-entirely-surprising 53 percent chose tech over their sense of smell. Most of us here at Giz picked tech, since we'd obviously be massively unemployed without it. When we put the question to you on Twitter, most of you agreed with us, though our readers might not be the… »5/26/11 9:00pm5/26/11 9:00pm

Soldiers May Soon Be Able to Control a Herd of Robots With Their Heads

A new Army program, called Heads-Up Display for Control of Unmanned Ground Vehicles, is said to be developing an "eyeglasses-like display" that projects live video feeds from robots on the ground. That's no breakthrough. But what is new is that our soldiers may even be able to drive these robots—using only the natural… »5/14/11 12:20am5/14/11 12:20am

The Pentagon Bans USB Flash Drives: Will There Be a Floppy Disk Comeback?

AP reports that the Department of Defense has, at least for the time being, banned USB flash drives and is collecting all Pentagon-owned drives from the entire department. The Pentagon hasn't issued an official statement, but a spokesman did say that they are dealing with a "global virus" that affects such external… »11/22/08 4:30pm11/22/08 4:30pm