Save 33% On Office 365 By Buying Through Amazon

If you just downloaded the new Microsoft Office apps for iPad, you probably noticed that they require an Office 365 subscription to actually create or edit any documents. Instead of signing up for that $100 in-app purchase though, save yourself a bunch of money by buying a subscription on Amazon. » 3/28/14 10:46am 3/28/14 10:46am

Microsoft Office Finally Comes to the iPad Today, And It's Free(mium)

It's coming up on a year since the original release of Microsoft Office for iOS, but in all that time there's been no iPad-specific version to be found. And now it's here (for free, to try) as of two o'clock this afternoon, as a gift from Microsoft's new cloud-guru CEO Satya Nadella. » 3/27/14 1:13pm 3/27/14 1:13pm

This Tiny Printer Only Prints What You Select On Your Screen

Do you feel guilty printing out an entire email when all you really needed was someone's address? King Jim's new compact Cocodori printer is designed for just those occasions. Using an included piece of software, it lets you highlight only specific areas of your screen for printing. And what you're left with is a… » 1/16/14 11:22am 1/16/14 11:22am

iPhone Sticky Notes Are the Ideal Reminder, Even When Your Phone's Dead

The iOS App Store is filled to the brim with every kind of note-taking app you can imagine. But sometimes nothing beats a good ol' pen and paper. And that's what makes these Paperback sticky notes the perfect hybrid. They're designed to adhere to the back of your iPhone 5, so you can take a single note with you—like a… » 9/06/13 5:20pm 9/06/13 5:20pm

Have You Gotten in Trouble with Work Because of Your Computer Habits?

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it's that being at work is different than from being at home. Well, unless you work at home or live at work, which, um, maybe we can't agree on anything. But! The things you do on the computer at work should probably be different from your Internetting at home. But sometimes… » 8/01/13 11:19pm 8/01/13 11:19pm

This Camouflaged Binder Pillow Is Comfier Than Napping on a Keyboard

The 'Zzz... Zzz...' label is probably a dead giveaway, but if you lived life to the fullest last night and just can't keep your eyes open at work, this camouflaged binder pillow will provide a few precious moments of shuteye at your desk. Created by the geniuses at Donkey Creative Lab, the pillow will set you back just … » 5/16/13 11:21am 5/16/13 11:21am

You Can Finally Build Your Own Pump Gun Hex Nuts Slingshot, But Should …

Not surprisingly, the Nabisco folks weren't entirely impressed with Joerg Sprave's brilliant Oreo-splitting pump action slingshot, and took his video down. So as an act of revenge, Joerg has added another pump action weapon to his arsenal designed to decimate a box of cookies. But this time he's also provided the… » 4/01/13 8:26am 4/01/13 8:26am