MS Office Upgrade Plan Leaks: Buy Office 2007 March 5 or Later, Get Office 2010 Free?

According to a leak spotted by Ars, if you buy Microsoft Office 2007 anytime between March 5 and September 30 of this year, and you activate the product and save your dated receipt, you can get Office 2010 for free. Ars has more details, but slow down, there's a catch: The info was yanked after it was published, and… »2/04/10 8:38pm2/04/10 8:38pm


Microsoft Wants You to Pay Monthly Subscription for Office and Services You Won't Use

Microsoft is testing a new bundle of fun codenamed "Albany" which rolls Office Home and Student, Windows Live OneCare, Office Live Workspace and some other Live services into a package that you'll pay a monthly fee for. It's this kind of thing, turning software into service you have to keep paying for and never… »4/18/08 3:50pm4/18/08 3:50pm

Microsoft Packaging for Vista and Office 2007 Revealed

Microsoft, planning to lure you into using Windows Vista and Office 2007 for the rest of your life, today reveals the packaging for the upcoming products, going with a rounded design reminiscent of a 1950s toaster. Let's let the Microsoftians damn us with their faint prose: »10/31/06 7:54am10/31/06 7:54am

Take a look at close-ups of a couple of the…