Temperature Regulating Chairs Bring Peace To Office Thermostat Wars

Finding the perfect ambient temperature for a crowded office is harder than tracking down the Higgs Boson. So instead of searching for the elusive thermostat setting that pleases everyone, a company called Temptronics puts that control in the hands, or butts, of every employee with a temperature controlled chair. »4/30/12 10:21am4/30/12 10:21am

Germans Dangerously Race Office Chairs Down a Hill for Sport

If there's a more illustrious sport to come out of Germany this year than office chair racing, I'd like to see it. The first ever German Championships in Office Chair Racing took place on Saturday in Bad Koenig-Zell, and it consisted of 70 people riding their office chairs down a 560-foot course without breaking… »4/28/08 11:26am4/28/08 11:26am