Here's an Office Prank Anyone Can Do Cheaply and In No Time

Just grab a few rolls of Reynolds and turn any cubicle into the Lunar Module. Extra bonus: Protection against radio-frequency snooping. Extra extra bonus: Everywhere is a good place to place your sandwich. [Stuff I Stole From the Internet] » 7/25/11 10:40am 7/25/11 10:40am

Everyone Should Do the Jelly Mouse and Keyboard Prank

Somewhere in Finland, Tom's office colleagues decided to welcome him with the most delicious office prank this side of stuffing your monitor in a giant doughnut: » 8/09/10 11:00am 8/09/10 11:00am

Friday Is the Perfect Day for an Office Riot

Aside from some nice tapas, wine, and caipirinhas, is there any better way to end the week than a revolution at the office? I say NO! Here are the complete instructions: » 10/02/09 12:20pm 10/02/09 12:20pm

Probably the Smallest Cubicle In the World

The caption says: "Our intern starts today. We figured we'd start her off with a little prank." I don't see how this is funny. It looks like our interns' cubicles. [Flickr—Thanks Alice] » 6/22/09 7:20pm 6/22/09 7:20pm

The Anatomy of the Office Prank

The casual office employee stalks his coworker with the intensity of a lion hunting a wildebeest on the African savanna. Never rushed, always contemplated, the average office prank is executed with all the precision found in a well-pressed shirt. In part one of our examination » 9/30/08 11:40am 9/30/08 11:40am of the office prank, we study the first…

Office Pranks: Surprise Ambush

Tomorrow will mark an important day in the history of office jobs. With the help of our readers » 9/29/08 7:30pm 9/29/08 7:30pm, we've assembled an elite guidebook to illustrate the dangerous world of the corporate cubicle world—to warn you of the troubles that lie ahead and teach you, should the situation be the most dire, how to fight back.…

We Want to See Your Best Office Pranks

Technology was meant to empower us—to clothe us, feed us and enable us to be more than chimps slinging poo from the trees. But it's been misused. Offices are filled to the brim with technology where it plays a role of oppressor. Fluorescent lights, computer monitors, fax machines, copiers, cellphones—these things are… » 9/15/08 2:00pm 9/15/08 2:00pm

Normal Person's Lighter, Pyro's Fire Extinguisher

If only this were full-sized, it would make for the best pranks.
"John, toss me the extinguisher!"
"Don't be a hero."
"I wasn't put on this earth to sit in a cubicle all day...tell my kids I love them."
"I need to - get the hell out of here while you still can."
"Ok, here's the extinguisher...good luck in… » 9/17/06 1:20pm 9/17/06 1:20pm