This Rubber Band Gatling Gun Will Dominate Any Office Supply Shootout

You're still flicking rubber bands with your fingers? My friend, please. Please take a look at this 20-pound, eight-barreled Gatling rubber band gun. Before you say no to the $500 price tag, watch it work in this terrifyingly soundtracked video. » 9/14/10 10:20am 9/14/10 10:20am

Cure Cubicle Boredom With a Series of Homemade Office Weapons

Wired has a great set of homemade office weapons designed by John Austin, who helped design G.I. Joe and Star Wars figurines. It's probably good that I work from home, lest I de-eye someone with a BB Pencil. [Wired] » 9/24/09 12:20pm 9/24/09 12:20pm