Amazon Officially First To Drop Major DRM: Sony the Fourth and Final Big Label Onboard

Click to viewLess than a week after it came out Sony BMG was planning to sell music not loaded down with copyright protection, they're officially selling DRM-free MP3s through Amazon's MP3 store later this month, making it the first store to carry DRM-free music from all four major labels. UPDATE: Regarding the lack… »1/10/08 4:30pm1/10/08 4:30pm

Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC Gets Official At Under 4 Pounds With Capacitive Touch

Dell's Latitude XT 12.1-inch convertible Tablet PC is finally official, and it's being paraded as the world's "only sub-four-pound 12.1-inch convertible tablet" with capacitive touch capability—meaning it'll sense your finger (sorry, only one) without any pressure at all. Also on the touchy-feely side, it's got palm… »12/11/07 9:15am12/11/07 9:15am

Amazon Kindle Official Details: $399, "Whispernet" EV-DO, the "iPod of Reading"

There's a lot to digest in Newsweek's seven-page all-out feature. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sums it up: "This isn't a device, it's a service." Kindle starts shipping tomorrow for $399 and is "a perpetually connected Internet device" running off of EV-DO—it calls the service "Whispernet." It's totally computer independent:… »11/18/07 3:45pm11/18/07 3:45pm

T-Mobile's Wi-Fi BlackBerry Curve Is Fo' Real and Quite Tasty

In the hot summer months, rumor was that the critically acclaimed BlackBerry Curve was coming to T-Mobile—and unlike the AT&T "exclusive" edition, the T-Mo one would have Wi-Fi. Last week, Jason Chen reported that the Curve would be equipped with T-Mobile's Hotspot @Home for unlimited Wi-Fi calling at home or in… »9/24/07 12:01am9/24/07 12:01am

T-Mobile BlackBerry 8320 Curve Now Official: $249 With 2-Year Contract

We reported on the BlackBerry Curve getting T-Mobile hotspot compatibility, but the 8320 has just become official, retailing now for $249 after $50 mail-in rebate with a two-year contract. It's available in titanium and gold, and you should be able to pick one up from retailers (they just got the go-ahead to sell).… »9/21/07 1:59pm9/21/07 1:59pm