Latest Super-Efficient Solar Technology Captures Every Color of the Rainbow

Not surprisingly, there are several ongoing attempts to increase the efficiency of solar cells: IBMs use of concentrator photovoltaics »10/20/08 12:15pm10/20/08 12:15pm or the University of Delaware's technology that into high energy, low energy, and medium energy chunks are a couple of examples. The latest breakthrough comes from Ohio State…

Team Doubles Efficiency of Thermoelectric Material: Good News for Car Electrics

Scientists at Ohio State University have taken a thermoelectric material that's been used for decades to power deep-space probes, and worked out how to double its efficiency. That's good news: thermoelectrics convert heat directly into electrical energy. By catching exhaust heat, the new material may allow car… »7/25/08 5:24am7/25/08 5:24am