This 200,000-ton titan is now the largest oil rig in the world

The largest oil rig* in the world got placed today on its drilling spot off the Russian Pacific coast, near Sakhalin Island, north of Japan. The $12 billion, 200,000-ton structure—without counting its base—will suck up to 4.5 million tons of hydrocarbons per year in the harsh subarctic conditions of the Sea of Okhotsk. »6/27/14 1:42pm6/27/14 1:42pm


This Magnificently Detailed Lego Oil Rig Will Be Spitting Brick Gold in No Time

Hopefully, this won't cause any ecological disasters in Legoland. This ridiculously massive Lego oil rig is more than 3 feet tall and wide, and weights over 92 pounds. According to The Brothers Brick, Lego master Tobias Vogt spent three months building this, and it shows in the detailed build-out. »4/22/13 5:20pm4/22/13 5:20pm