OK Go's New Video Is a Spectacular Self-Balancing Unicycle Ride

How do you make an OK Go video even more fun than ever? Give the guys Honda's crazy self-balancing unicycle is how. » 10/27/14 8:51am 10/27/14 8:51am

Watch How OK Go Made Their Latest One-Take Optical Illusion Video

Last week, we showed you OK Go's new video, "The Writing's On the Wall," the latest in the band's series of impeccably orchestrated one-take videos chock full of optical illusions and visual tricks. Here's the behind-the-scenes look at how they did it. Short answer: it was frantically precise. » 6/25/14 11:20am 6/25/14 11:20am

OK Go Proves Again That Eye-Popping Optical Illusions Don't Need CGI

Ignore the grumblings of some sourpuss Gizmodo staffers: OK Go's new video for "The Writing's On the Wall" is just straight-up fun for your ears and your eyes, thanks to a plethora of optical illusions rendered in the real world, rather than on a computer. » 6/17/14 1:22pm 6/17/14 1:22pm

Testing Microphones with Rockstars from Apollo Run and OK Go

When it came time to review Blue's Spark Digital microphone, we could have put a few mics in a row, sang a little, played a little guitar, then scrutinized the sounds. Or we could have talented musicians from two amazing bands create an all-new song for us. » 12/17/12 11:00am 12/17/12 11:00am

Here Is OK Go's New Video—and It's a Joy to Watch

This is OK Go's latest video, Skyscrapers. It's not as crazy as their previous stuff, but it is beautiful anyway. I like to watch this couple dance through all the colors of the rainbow—I wish I could dance like that in a never ending night. » 4/01/12 12:44pm 4/01/12 12:44pm

Every Dating Site Should Be Like OK Go-pid

What is OK Go-pid? It's the new dating service by OK Go, the band that makes the coolest, craziest, most absurd videos this side of Rick James. Actually, it's a dating site for superfreaks. Watch their informercial! » 3/19/12 3:46pm 3/19/12 3:46pm

Behind the Scenes of OK Go's Crazy New Desert Stunt Drive Video

Earlier this week, we gave you an exclusive first look at OK Go's new video for "Needing/Getting". When a music video's that complex, you can bet a behind-the-scenes glimpse is going to be interesting — so here's one to get you started. » 2/09/12 6:38am 2/09/12 6:38am

Watch OK Go's New Desert Orchestra Stunt Driving Music Video

Last week we showed you a quick preview of OK Go's new video for "Needing/Getting", and now here's the full monty, compiled from a literal drive-by of 1157 homemade instruments of melodic Rube Goldberg(ish) goodness. » 2/05/12 2:44pm 2/05/12 2:44pm

A Refresher Lesson on the Primary Colors, Courtesy of OK Go

When OK Go were asked to appear on Sesame Street, the result was always going to be great. Their contribution, a song and stop-motion animation explaining the primary colors, is wonderful. Show it to your kids, or just watch it yourself. [Sesame Street via Laughing Squid] » 2/01/12 5:23am 2/01/12 5:23am

Exclusive Preview: OK Go's New Thousand-Instrument Music Video

OK Go's new music video for "Needing/Getting" is going to debut on Super Bowl Sunday, and we've got an exclusive preview for you in the leadup. There isn't too much to go on: just 288 guitars, 55 pianos, 1157 homemade instruments, the band in crayon-colored jumpsuits, and all the pomp and circumstance surrounding a… » 1/30/12 3:40pm 1/30/12 3:40pm

OK Go's Muppet Theme Song Music Video Re-Creates All of Their Famous…

OK Go, the music video extraordinaires, has just released a brand new video of their rendition of the Muppet Show Theme Song. Sticking to their talents, it's a clever look back at a lot of OK Go's visual masterpieces and a ton of muppet humor. » 8/23/11 11:00am 8/23/11 11:00am

OK Go's Latest Music Video Is a Kaleidoscope of Skin Tight Body Suits

OK Go, the mastermind musicians behind the awesomest music videos, recently revealed their latest creation: All Is Not Lost. It puts the camera underneath a glass panel to get a trippytastic and revealing view of people in skin-tight body suits. » 7/27/11 11:41am 7/27/11 11:41am

Watch OK Go's Latest Inspired Video Take It To the Streets

Last month, OK Go took their high-concept video ambitions to the streets of Los Angeles. Armed with an app, they led a gaggle of loyal fans on GPS parade that spell out their name larger than the Hollywood sign. » 12/14/10 8:26am 12/14/10 8:26am

This Year's 10 Most Popular YouTube Videos In Under 90 Seconds

What were the ten most-watched YouTube videos of 2010? If I had my way it would just be the Bed Intruder song on repeat. But! Here's how it actually played out. » 12/13/10 1:00pm 12/13/10 1:00pm

OK Go to Write Their Name Across LA Using iPhone's GPS

They may be shilling for Range Rover's new iPhone app here, but fans of their crazy stunts (who happen to live in LA) should download the free app and follow their massive GPS parade this Wednesday. » 11/15/10 2:20pm 11/15/10 2:20pm

OK Go's Amazing New Video Is 2,430 Pieces of Toast Long

Click to viewI can't imagine the pressure of being in OK Go, having to constantly churn out jaw-dropping videos. Fortunately, I don't have to. I get to just sit back and enjoy the stunning results, like this stop-motion story told with toast. » 11/09/10 3:10pm 11/09/10 3:10pm

New OK Go Awesome Video Is Full of Awesome Dogs

There's not much else to say about OK Go's new video, except that 1) it's awesome, 2) it features awesome dogs, and 3) the song—White Knuckles—is awesomely good, to the level of the best Prince. » 9/20/10 2:09pm 9/20/10 2:09pm

How OK Go Warped Time

The boys of OK Go are known for their geeky music videos and they outdo themselves constantly. So how did they top the crazy Rube Goldberg Machine from the "This Too Shall Pass" video? By warping time, of course. » 6/17/10 1:20am 6/17/10 1:20am

OK Go Perform Underwater With Fish Bowls and Snorkels at Maker Faire

We love OK Go in these quarters, not least because of their stage antics. The band took to the Maker Faire arena over the weekend, and actually played two songs underwater; snorkeled-heads stuck in fish bowls. » 5/24/10 6:26am 5/24/10 6:26am

It's True: Mousetrap Never Works

Set to the tune of OK Go's This Too Shall Pass, this fantastic song/video parodies OK Go's famed Rube Goldberg video—it's called Mousetrap Never Works. And it'll have you fist-pumping in vindication of your misspent childhood. » 5/17/10 2:40pm 5/17/10 2:40pm