Bartenders Talk About Your Terrible Tinder Dates

Oh, Tinder, OkCupid, Grindr, whatever your particular dating app poison. Your first date dramas play in bars the world over. Because bars are a typical venue for painfully awkward first encounters, bartenders all have a front-row seat—and they're definitely talking about it. » 2/22/15 3:00pm 2/22/15 3:00pm

OK Cupid on Oregon and Vermont's Shared Porn Interests, Shower Hatred

With enough data, even the most seemingly random, disconnected sequence of events can be teased apart and explained through the power of statistical analysis. And thanks to the reams upon reams of data points collected through his hit dating website, OKCupid co-founder Christian Rudder explores the kinks, tendencies,… » 9/11/14 2:50pm 9/11/14 2:50pm

OKCupid: We Experiment On You, Deal With It

"Experimenting on people" makes most of us feel uncomfortable, like we're rats in a lab being prodded with weird devices and fed food that makes our organs bloated. But today, OKCupid tried to put that notion to rest—or at least, it tried to explain that services need to experiment on you in order to make their… » 7/28/14 1:05pm 7/28/14 1:05pm

Just days after OKCupid called out Mozilla's CEO Brendan Eich over his support of a ban on gay marraige, Mozilla announced today that Eich "has chosen to step down." [Mozilla via Re/code] » 4/03/14 3:14pm 4/03/14 3:14pm

Why OKCupid Took a Stand Against Mozilla's Anti-Gay Rights CEO

Today, most tech companies are polluting the internet with stupid pranks. But there's one brave statement being made on the internet that isn't a dumb joke at all. OKCupid is blocking Mozilla Firefox users from its service with a message encouraging them to use other web browsers. Why? Mozilla's CEO supports anti-gay… » 4/01/14 12:42pm 4/01/14 12:42pm

OKCupid Website Blocks Firefox Because of Mozilla CEO's Anti-Gay Beliefs

Mozilla Firefox users who try to use popular dating service OKCupid are currently being shown the above message, encouraging them not to use Firefox. The reason? Mozilla's new CEO Brendan Eich opposes gay marriage. That's how you play hardball. » 3/31/14 5:54pm 3/31/14 5:54pm

Tacos, Moviefone, and Vibrators: My Most Interesting OkCupid Date Ever

I was excited about this one. It had been a while since I'd dusted off the old OkCupid profile. I'd been working a lot and thinking about my ex too much, and this girl looked cute. So, when she actually agreed to a date, I was thrilled. This one felt important! » 2/25/14 6:20pm 2/25/14 6:20pm

How A Mathematician Hacked OkCupid to Find His Girl

Mathematicians aren't renowned for their social skills. But in a quest to find love, Chris McKinlay from UCLA realised he could use his analytical skills to his advantage—by hacking OkCupid. » 1/22/14 7:08am 1/22/14 7:08am

Here's How OkCupid Uses Math to Find Your Match

Everyone you know has an online dating profile and if they say they don't they are lying to you. We can poke fun at it all we want, but there's actually a mathematical formula behind the digital match-making. » 2/14/13 9:32am 2/14/13 9:32am

Ask an OkCupid Founder for Any Last-Minute Valentine's Day Advice

OkCupid: you use it to find both love or random hookups, and since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, you're probably looking for at least one of those. Accordingly, we have Sam Yagan, one of the dating site's founders, here to answer all your burning (let's hope not) questions. » 2/13/13 12:39pm 2/13/13 12:39pm

Horse_Ebooks Tweets Are the Best Way to Deal With OkCupid Creeps

If you're a female with a pulse and a profile on OKCupid, you've gotten a molesty message or two. Maybe you ignore. Maybe you say you're not interested. Here's a better tactic: just respond with non-sequitur spam-sounding tweets from @Horse_ebooks. » 2/06/13 5:20pm 2/06/13 5:20pm

Who Does Facebook Search Screw the Most?

Graph Search, which we're going to call Facebook search from here on out because nobody wants to read or write "Graph Search," is a dramatic new way to browse Facebook. But its implications spill over its rivals—which companies lose the most? » 1/16/13 1:20pm 1/16/13 1:20pm

OkCupid App Bug Exposed Email Addresses and Birth Dates

OKCupid's new blind date app came out today, to some fanfare and probably a little more mockery. But it's hit a snag: Apparently, it was coughing up users' emails and birth dates for anyone who bothered to dig for them. » 1/15/13 6:38pm 1/15/13 6:38pm

Genius Uses OkCupid To Get a "Date" With the Scumbag That Stole His…

What do you do when your iPhone is stolen? Cry? Get a new one? Scream at the sky? How about tracking down the thief by luring him to a sexy date over OkCupid and then threatening him with a hammer so he gives it back? That last one worked out pretty well for Nadav Nirenberg. » 1/04/13 2:40pm 1/04/13 2:40pm

Today at 8:52 PM Is Your Best Chance to Find an Online Date

Researchers say that if you want to land a date online this year, your best chance will be tonight at 8:52 PM. Why 8:52 PM? Because the combination of going back to work and New Year's resolutions will make millions of people sign onto their Internet dating sites looking for a date. The more people online, the better… » 1/02/13 8:20pm 1/02/13 8:20pm

How Guys Talk to Cute Girls on OKCupid

Online dating, like real life dating, can get a little skeevy because people are lame and pervy and also, lame and pervy. So to see the type of lame and pervy responses that a cute girl would get while on a dating service like OKCupid, a guy created a fake profile with a picture of a cute girl and BATSHIT INSANE CRAZY… » 11/15/12 1:00am 11/15/12 1:00am

These OKCupid Posters Are Hilariously Accurate

Avner Geller has created a series of hilarious posters that are inspired by the type of things you always see in someone's OKCupid profile. Geller based the posters around typical responses to 'you should message me if...', 'on a typical Friday night I'm...' and 'six things I could never do without'. » 10/11/12 1:00am 10/11/12 1:00am

OKCupid Wants to Match You With a Roommate You Bone Once and Never…

One time I went on an OKCupid date with a guy who ordered hot wings, licked his fingers, and wiped a fountain of sweat off his forehead with a paper napkin. Needless to say, I never went out with him again. It was a very dark time. And if you're at an equally low point with your living situation, the people over at… » 10/09/12 10:32am 10/09/12 10:32am

Turning to Reddit for OkCupid Advice Is Horrifying and Depressing

Not everyone is lucky in love, or in life. Sometimes that's just the way it is—highs and lows, ebbs and flows. But if you're striking out on OkCupid, here's an idea that will not help you at all: Crowdsourcing your romantic woes on Reddit. » 7/19/12 1:20pm 7/19/12 1:20pm

OK Cupid Wants You to Jump Off a Bridge

Today's my birthday. Yaaay old drinks party Facebook shots punch hangover whatever. Anyway, this is the crap OKCupid sent me today. Which, it seems, it also sent me last year. And is going to send me every year until I die—probably from hurling myself off a building. » 6/07/12 4:45pm 6/07/12 4:45pm