The Strange Odyssey of an Oklahoma Outlaw's Long-Lost, Long-Dead Mummy

Elmer McCurdy lived his life with one foot in the grave. A schemer and heavy drinker, he saw himself as an outlaw. Problem was, he kept botching the job. A train robbery in 1911 went up in smoke after Elmer applied too much nitro to the safe—destroying the strongbox and the loot. »10/22/15 6:40pm10/22/15 6:40pm


The Troubling, Still-Unsolved Case of the 1977 Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

The bare-bones facts would be disturbing enough on their own: in June 1977, three Girl Scouts—ages 8, 9, and 10—sharing the most remote tent at summer camp were found raped and brutally murdered. It’s the stuff of nightmares and horror movies. But the story got even worse. »10/06/15 10:13pm10/06/15 10:13pm

Expert in Supreme Court Lethal Injection Case Did Research on

Tomorrow, when the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the highest-profile death penalty challenge in seven years, the justices will begin ruling on this question: Does Oklahoma’s use of the common surgical sedative midazolam fail to make prisoners unconscious during lethal injections, thus violating the Eighth… »4/28/15 4:10pm4/28/15 4:10pm