eBay's My Gadgets Organizes Your Tech to Make It Easier to Sell

eBay finally officially announced the launch of My Gadgets, a new little wrinkle to eBay that lets you organize and track the value of the gadgets you have accumulated over your years of buying stuff you probably don't need. It's like an online portfolio of your stuff, add the gadgets you own and see what the average… » 8/14/13 11:14pm 8/14/13 11:14pm

Five Things to Do with Your Old Laptop

We get it, your new laptop is shiny, super-fast and awesome. But don't forget about your old laptop! It doesn't have to sit around and collect dust. Here are five super easy things you can do to rejuvenate it. » 1/26/11 11:00am 1/26/11 11:00am

It's OK. I Love My Old Gear, Too

You'd think a guy who writes about tech all day would have the latest and greatest gear. Confession time: I don't. In fact, most of it's pretty old and I sort of like it that way. » 12/17/09 12:40pm 12/17/09 12:40pm

Product Manual Archive Gives Us a Glimpse of Gadgets of Yesteryear

For those of us who don't remember life before the NES, Boing Boing uncovered a collection of vintage instruction manuals, ads, hang tags and more, which give us a glimpse of gadgets from the past. » 12/01/08 8:37pm 12/01/08 8:37pm