149 Inches of Goodness makes Mitsubishi Size Queen of OLED

It may be lagging three inches behind Panasonic's big telleh, but Mitsubishi's whopping great screen is OLED. Or should that be ZOLED? It was unveiled at ISE 2010, with Number 6 and Boomer dressy-likeys lending a hand. » 1/29/10 4:56am 1/29/10 4:56am

Next-Gen iPhone Specs, Launch Date Rumor Looks Fishy (OLED Screen,…

Apple iPhone Apps, a site with no known track record (which is also down right now) just leaked a July 17 release date and a bunch of specs for the next iPhone. They look fishy. » 5/19/09 2:19pm 5/19/09 2:19pm

8GB Sansa Clips Make iPod Shuffles Seem Juvenile

Perfect for those who need a small device for music on-the-go, the Sansa Clip from SanDisk is very much like the iPod Shuffle with its compact size and its ability to clip onto belt, purses and clothing. However, what makes the Sansa Clip stand out—and what the iPod Shuffle could benefit from—is it produces more bang… » 11/11/08 10:00pm 11/11/08 10:00pm

Super Skinny OLED Display Is Thinner Than a Sheet of Paper

If you thought OLEDs were thin already, researchers at the Universal Display Corporation (whose factory we visited last year) » 10/21/08 10:00pm 10/21/08 10:00pm have made a flexible display that's positively anorexic. The ultra-thin metal foil screen is less than 50 micrometers thin, which means it's even thinner than a sheet of A4 paper. The UDC…

Sony Shows Off Completely Wireless OLED TV

Now not only can you get Sony's OLED TV for the bargain bin price of $1,748, you'll also soon be able to make that 11-inch hunk of visual sexiness completely wireless. Sony recently revealed a completely cordless version of the XEL-1 with an integrated HDTV tuner, a battery, and a wall mount. No specific information… » 9/11/08 12:30am 9/11/08 12:30am

Sony's Pro HD Camera is World First to Get OLED Viewfinder

Organic Light Emitting Diodes are getting used in phones, lamps and now the world's first professional camera color OLED viewfinder. The HDVF-EL100 sports an 11-inch screen, and apparently it's Sony's first non-consumer application of the display technology. The 960 x 540 pixel screen's wide acceptance angle and deep… » 4/14/08 7:10am 4/14/08 7:10am