LG Tripling OLED Production As Sony Sounds The Death Knell

Sony may be winding down its OLED operations in Japan, but over in South Korea OLED is big business for LG—with news coming in today saying they're investing a whopping $225.7m into tripling production. But who's buying? » 4/22/10 11:42am 4/22/10 11:42am

LG Selling 20-Inch OLEDs This Year, 30-Inches In 2011 and 40-Inches in …

Both 15 and 19-inchers have been shown off by LG, but they want to add another inch before mass-producing their OLED range this year. Next year they'll raise the bar again with 30-inch panels, and in 2012, a 40-inch OLED. » 2/01/10 6:49am 2/01/10 6:49am

Reasonably Sized OLED TVs Stalled By Our Crappy Economy

When consumer budgets are tight, companies tend to back off the horrendously priced luxury goods. But according to the OLED Association, it's not poor consumers that are holding up new, bigger OLED sets—it's poor manufacturers. » 3/10/09 8:40am 3/10/09 8:40am

LG Shows Off 19-Inch OLED Panel

Looks like LG wasn't kidding about its 2011 deadline to produce OLED TVs » 10/15/08 2:30am 10/15/08 2:30am. At a recent tech conference in South Korea, the company revealed an ultra skinny 19-inch OLED panel, showing that it's well on the way to volume producing 32-inch screens before the next three years are up. Sure, it was a little upstaged by…

Sony Shows Off Completely Wireless OLED TV

Now not only can you get Sony's OLED TV for the bargain bin price of $1,748, you'll also soon be able to make that 11-inch hunk of visual sexiness completely wireless. Sony recently revealed a completely cordless version of the XEL-1 with an integrated HDTV tuner, a battery, and a wall mount. No specific information… » 9/11/08 12:30am 9/11/08 12:30am

Hype Buster: Sony XEL-1 OLED Not the Perfect TV (We're Not Talking 'Bout …

Sony's first OLED TV, the XEL-1, has gotten loads of favorable reviews and hype (from us too). It does put out a hell of a picture, one that made our Wilson proclaim: "you're essentially staring into what could very well be the perfect TV." But Gary over at HDGuru isn't so swoony, and his more rigid (and far HD geekier)… » 5/19/08 1:45pm 5/19/08 1:45pm

Samsung, Please Show Off Your 40-Inch OLED Display at CES

Old, busted and tiny: Sony's 11-inch OLED display. New hotness: Samsung's 40-inch OLED display, the largest in the world. Previous reports held they were showing this monstrosity off at CES, but the latest has Samsung saying they might hose us with a punier 31-inch model because "the bigger and pricey one could face… » 12/12/07 2:10pm 12/12/07 2:10pm

Samsung OLED Product Roadmap Shows 40-inch TVs in 2010

OLED fans will have to be patient, as Samsung's roadmap for the technology shows them only in small handheld devices for this year and next, ramping up to laptop and desktop displays in '09 and finally 40-inch TVs in 2010. After these TVs invade your home and take all your money in the process, Samsung will follow up… » 10/29/07 5:00pm 10/29/07 5:00pm

New Sony 11" OLED TV For Sale in 2007

This time Sony doesn't want to be left behind on the display front, and they are going to ship a real ultra-thin 11-inch OLED television in 2007. Not another prototype: a real TV. A small one that will cost a few times more than a comparable LCD, but a telly nonetheless. » 4/12/07 6:03am 4/12/07 6:03am