Panasonic Now Hoping For 40-inch OLED TVs Mass Produced By 2011

Last month the projection was 37 inches. Now a more reputable Japanese paper, Nikkei, is reporting a 40-inch target being mass-produced and ready for retail in the same time frame. As always, Panasonic/Matsushita simply confirms that they're investing heavily into the tech and goes about their business. [AP] » 7/29/08 9:03am 7/29/08 9:03am

Researchers Squeeze 60% More Light Out of OLEDs With Tiny Lenses

Optics junkies at the University of Michigan have found a way to greatly boost the efficiency of OLEDs to produce 60% more light from the same amount of power as those previous, cranking out 70 lumens per watt. Their method uses a layer of five-micrometer-wide lenses mounted on top of a reflective grid, which coaxes… » 7/23/08 3:40pm 7/23/08 3:40pm