Macy's Lowers the Bar For Terrible Holiday Sweaters With an Embedded Video Screen

If you thought you'd seen the worst of tacky holiday sweaters, Macy's and Sean John want you to know you ain't seen nothing yet. The two have teamed up to create this monstrosity, which by itself isn't actually so terrible. Until you notice the embedded OLED display on the sleeve letting you play videos or run… »12/04/12 8:53am12/04/12 8:53am

Samsung Demonstrates Folding OLED Cellphone, Vindicates Thousands of Ridiculous Concepts

Buried amongst the piles of Newer! Bigger! Better! TVs, pico projectors and paper-thin, flapping OLED screens at FPD in Japan was an absolute gem: a folding OLED phone concept from Samsung. This isn't some half-assed, flat-to-sightly-bowed demo either: this thing folds over on itself completely. In its folded mode… »11/24/08 4:49am11/24/08 4:49am

Translucent OLEDs Go Large, Turn Your Windows into Crappy TVs

We've been teased »10/30/08 5:51am10/30/08 5:51am with OLED technology for a while, and with good reason — one of the promises of ultrathin OLED tech is the wide proliferation of HUDs, which aren't served well by most displays' opaque panels. By stretching their translucent OLED panels to about 12 inches, tiling them together and dropping them into…

Researchers Squeeze 60% More Light Out of OLEDs With Tiny Lenses

Optics junkies at the University of Michigan have found a way to greatly boost the efficiency of OLEDs to produce 60% more light from the same amount of power as those previous, cranking out 70 lumens per watt. Their method uses a layer of five-micrometer-wide lenses mounted on top of a reflective grid, which coaxes… »7/23/08 3:40pm7/23/08 3:40pm

Sony's Howard Stringer to Unveil New 0.3mm-Thick OLED Displays Today

While yesterday's All Things D conference had appearances by Gates and Ballmer unveiling Windows 7, today will feature Sony CEO Howard Stringer. He'll be there showing off new OLED displays measuring an insane 0.3mm thick. That's three tenths of a millimeter, or about the thickness of a playing card. Let's hope… »5/28/08 11:12am5/28/08 11:12am