The Olive O6HD Is a 2TB Audiophile Command Center For Your Music

When you're super rich, you don't have to rip your own CDs—you can have a $5000, 2TB audiophile command center like the Olive O6HD do it for you. They'll sound better that way, too. » 11/18/10 3:20pm 11/18/10 3:20pm

OnLive Now Charging Only for Gameplay (No Monthly Fees)

The streaming game service is no longer charging $15 in monthly fees, so if you've been put off by yet another monthly direct debit, now's the time to sign up for a free trial. Jason loved it when he tried it out at home, but was put off by the various fees associated with it—though they were touting a promotion for a… » 10/05/10 7:30am 10/05/10 7:30am

Olive + Thiel's $7,900 Audio Server is the Sheeeeeeeeit

Olive and Thiel may sound like a TV pilot about a crimefighting duo starring Joey Tribbiani, but it's not. The former do swank AV stuff like this , while the latter do expensive speakers and whatnots. Behold their bastard child. » 1/06/10 6:15am 1/06/10 6:15am

Olive 4 HD Music Player Brings Minor Updates, Now Costs $2,000

The Olive 4 HD isn't too different from the Olive Opus N4 we saw back in July, but has a few nice additions and a steeper price: The 2TB version now comes in at $2,000. Youch. » 11/18/09 11:30pm 11/18/09 11:30pm

Olive Opus N4, Melody N2 Music Players (For Rich People) Become…

We haven't heard much from Olive since they released the pretty-but-pricey Opus and Melody music wedges last year, but that kind of cautious pace is to be expected in the high-end A/V world. Today, they've given their line a refresh. » 7/22/09 12:01pm 7/22/09 12:01pm

Olive OPUS Nº4, MELODY Nº2 Music Streaming Combo Pack Style With Expense

The Olive OPUS Nº4 has quite a striking design and boasts either a 320GB or 1TB HDD, internal CD burner, 802.11g WiFi support and a 480 x 272 touchscreen display. The unit supports MP3, FLAC and WAV files, as well as having a bevy of output ports, the OPUS Nº4 also pairs up wirelessly with the MELODY Nº2, which allows… » 4/03/08 5:30am 4/03/08 5:30am

American Express My WishList Post-Black-Friday Super Deals Go Live Nov.…

We just got the advance word on the American Express holiday My WishList deals, running from November 27 to December 13. If you recall, Amex sells certain hot products for super cheap in very limited supplies, but you have to go to the site and try to buy it on a certain day (and yes, with an American Express card).… » 11/21/07 12:00am 11/21/07 12:00am

Olive Opus No. 5 HDD Jukebox Is Profit Margin Machine

Youth may be squandered by the young, but it's the older folks that foolishly spend on equipment that should cost much less. Take for instance Olive's Opus No. 5 hard-drive audio server, referred to in marketing material as "The world's first digital audio system bringing together the sweet sound of vinyl and the… » 9/26/07 11:07am 9/26/07 11:07am

Olive Bangs Out OPUS 305S, 307S CD-based Audio Systems

Olive's just released a Opus No3 with a 250GB hard drive that's designed to hold 700 CDs worth of music in lossless capacity. The thing is iTunes compatible, rips CDs from disc to its hard drive, and is compatible with their Preload service (which you can send CDs to and they'll rip and include your music on a new… » 8/22/07 6:30pm 8/22/07 6:30pm

Olive unveils OPUS

The OPUS uses a DSP combined with a high-end CD player to create a new way to listen to music. The Olive Opus has a customized audio board with four 24-bit DACs and a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator. It also features a 400GB hard drive that can store up to 1,100 CDs in lossless quality. On top of that, the… » 3/02/06 5:27am 3/02/06 5:27am

Olive Musica Wireless Music Center

I have an old Compaq iPaq Jukebox from, say, 2000, what still runs like a champ. It's basically the same as this Musica dealie, which is to say it has a CD/DVD ripper, can stream audio—the Jukebox's audio streaming was pretty primitive,though—and it stores music onto a hard disk. The Musica, unlike the beastly… » 9/14/05 1:57pm 9/14/05 1:57pm